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Noel Ashman gives us the Leonora

In Photo Noel Ashman and Michael Strahan
In Photo Noel Ashman and Michael Strahan
R. Couri Hay Creative Public Relations

The Leonora
Located at 525 W. 29th Street in New York City, is slated to have its grand opening the end of August 2014.

The Leonora will bring the heart of nightlife to Chelsea, providing an exclusive escape for visionaries of art, film and fashion in a semi private lounge.

The Leonora is owned by Noel Ashman, serial entrepreneur (The Plumm, Studio 54, Veruka, NA) has put together his dream team with business partner Michael Bregman (writer, director and producer (Carlito’s Way, Nothing To Lose, The Bone Collector) and investors Patrick McMullan, Joey McIntyre, Ethan Browne, Luis Guzman, Simon Rex, Bo Dietl and rock producer Ross Robinson. The Leonora creative board, includes Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jackson Browne, who has brought a more green ecofriendly air to the lounge.

What sets The Leonora apart from your previous venues?
Noel Ashman: “The Leonora will be a modernized version of my old lounge Veruka. It is a similar size (holding approximately 175-200 people) & like Veruka will be a membership/semi-private lounge, catering to tastemakers in the arts & entertainment community, be it film, fashion, music, media, etc. The Leonora's high ceiling height mixed with the great old New York brick walls also gives it great character. One of my partners Michael Bregman (who produced the films Carlito's Way & The Bone Collector, among many others) & I worked hard on the decor making it a very comfortable plush sexy atmosphere where people can feel at home.”

I notice a few new places popping up in midtown. Is Midtown the new black when it comes to hotspots?

Noel Ashman: Ha-ha well we aren’t actually in Midtown being on 29th Street between 10th & 11th, we are actually in Chelsea. However I think you are onto something. High profile individuals have grown extremely tired of the clusters of clubs in the Meatpacking District & Lower East Side where they are bombarded by young kids from suburbia, insane traffic and they are constantly hounded by paparazzi and autograph seeking fans. So it was very important to my partners and I to steer clear of all that, so we chose a part of Chelsea that is convenient & easy to get to, yet a bit more private.”

What can we expect from The Leonora?

Noel Ashman: “I think The Leonora will be a spot where high profile people can get away from the more commercialized atmosphere that exists in NYC nightlife today. My partners are all very well-known people in entertainment who truly got involved with The Leonora to have a place where they can get away from the madness & let loose. The Leonora will also be a place where you can hear great music mixing many genre's rock, 80's, hip hop & dance/edm and allowing people to enjoy it in a more intimate environment. We also will have many a-list artists perform & DJ unannounced so people will be very surprised by who they will see.”

The man who designed the Lenora, Michael Bregman has envisioned and will bring to life the risqué and decadent days of Weimar, Berlin blended with a unique modern aesthetic. On the lounge’s far wall stands 12 feet high an antique wooden bar from the early 1800’s Ready to seat you in over sized, rich oxblood and purple leather banquettes on every corner of the room as well as exposed brick walls, which will rotate on a seasonal basis and a raised DJ booth and stage will allow for live performances.

Patrick McMullan and his team will be the in house professionals issuing photographs for The Leonora. The uniforms for the wait staff will be designed by Haute Hippie.

Hours of operation:
Nights: Wednesday - Saturday
HOURS: 8pm - 4am
CREDIT CARD: All major credit cards accepted

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