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Nocturnal. Are you a night owl? It's perfectly natural

Since the beginning of time, people have had 'night owl' tendencies! Some people are just wired that way!

While not a Moonflower, this Rose is stunning.

Our Stars and Celestial wonders have been studied and observed for the span of our recorded time; and those are night time activities!

Nocturnal animals exist, and that, any child knows!

There have always been jobs and duties to do at night, and no doubt certain people were suited to them more than others, and possibly passed it along to their children, an inherent preference for the night; despite Circadian rhythms and natural day-light requirements. We do feel better with some sunshine, but a true night owl is far more suited to a total flip in the natural schedule; up at night and asleep during the day.

The case for 2nd and 3rd shift, and the people who prefer them to a 1st shift, reinforces the need for "Night Owls", and the place they have in society. Before anything in our recent time, people, from scientists to hunters, had nightly chores and endeavors.

There's always been things to do at night, things that had to be done and it was not an option! Like grave digging and caring for animals, and much much more. Baking the bread! Traveling and escaping! Exploring, someone was up at night steering the boat, or cart, or wagon, or sled!

There is a busy, thriving world at night, and it requires the people who enjoy working the night to make it happen. That means being up at 3:00 am, working; and sleeping at noon, (or whatever pattern they form for their sleep schedule).

The World is a 24 hour beast.

We don't all go home and sleep at the same time. Yet night owls are often seen as lazy or weird!

Some people are naturally more alert, productive and creative at night; and if you go to bed at 6, 7, or 8am...chances are you will be asleep during the day; in preparation for your next night of work!

Imagine someone coming to a 1st shifters' house for a social call at 2 or 3 am, they are asleep. Sure there's exceptions, but in the theory of it all, you get it?

Some rare folks can flow between the 3 shifts and adjust easily; the 'Night Owl' hates getting up in the morning, and is wide awake at 3am, 4am, and 5am.

Often seen as a curse, the Vampire status may be invoked....but the necessity of those 'Night Owls' is highly over looked!

If your a tortured night owl, stand up for yourself, get the sleep you need when you need it, and don't let people make you think it's unnatural!

It is what it is! and it's about when you feel your best. You! and Bats, and Raccoons, and Skunks, and Lighting Bugs & Owls!

Night people are rumored to be more creative than day people, it's the peace and quiet they find at night, and the spirit of beauty and creation.

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