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Nobody Wants To Stand Up and Say Enough Is Enough

Nobody Wants To Stand Up and Say Enough Is Enough
Nobody Wants To Stand Up and Say Enough Is Enough
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The facts are these, a Malaysian Airliner was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. The Russian backed rebel Separatists are in control of this area and have been for some time. It has been decided that a BUK rocket launcher was used to shoot down the plane. The Russians have stated that they have never supplied such a weapon to the separatists. The Ukrainian government has stated that they did not fire any such weapon and never fired one at the passenger airplane. 298 innocent people who had nothing to do with the stupidity that has been taking place in this region for the last several months are dead. Their bodies lay out in the elements for several days before anyone decided to pick them up to at least give the dead some dignity.

Two weeks ago the Russians were giving tanks and other sophisticated military hardware to the rebels, a bunch of ignorant coal mining idiots. In this short period of time there is no way in hell that the Russian army could have trained the rebels to fire any of the weapons properly. How do I know this? Because I was in the United States Army and I helped operate a 155 self propelled Howitzer.

The rebels who have been scouring the crash site did so not to investigate but to rob the dead. It is time to finally state that if Putin wants this part of the Ukraine then let him have it. If Putin wants the coal that is the only thing of value in that region then let him have that too. All that I have seen of this region is fields and fields of sunflowers. Then let that ignorant asshole eat the shit out of sunflower seeds.

That anyone is actually upset over this worthless piece of land is ridiculous. You people have got to be the stupidest on the planet. Eastern Ukraine is worthless. Putin got the Crimea and its offshore oil. He should be happy as a clam to have it. It's worth trillions once he gets the oil up from the bottom of the Black Sea. Putin has for years wanted to get back the land he lost when the Soviet Union fell. Well, if he wants it give it to him. Nobody wanted it before and nobody wants it now.

I have been writing on this controversy for months and my conclusion is that any and all who think Putin is a great man are some of the most misguided fools on the planet. Now, in response to all you people who want me to take a look at Obama, why? I know he is a fool and that he is the wrong leader for the United States. So please when you write back your comments please tell me something that I don't already know. You can also say that the United States Congress and Senate is made up of fools too.

Finally, Putin is not an idiot he is just a jerk. He's a bully and has been all his life going back to when the neighborhood kids picked on him and he finally learned to fight and became the bully he is now. If you reply back to my scathing attack then please get your facts straight and for crying out loud just let the world bury their dead. Don't worry Karma is going to bite you bastards in the ass and when it does I'm going to drink a shitload of vodka and piss on your graves. Fight over Eastern Ukraine but leave the world out of it. We don't care anymore. Nuke the damn place. It is worth nothing to the western world. We can find other places to get coal. Hell the United States has tons of it.