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Nobody listening: Obama already a lame duck

Barack Obama hit the road to sway voters after his State of the Union address. But is anyone really paying attention anymore?
Barack Obama hit the road to sway voters after his State of the Union address. But is anyone really paying attention anymore?
Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

With the release of the Nielson ratings today for the 2014 State of the Union Address Tuesday evening, two things have become apparent. Nobody is really listening to Barack Obama anymore. And that means that the president is already a "lame duck" with very little power at his disposal.

According to Nielson, the annual State of the Union this year garnered the lowest ratings for the presidential address in the last 20 years:

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 President Barack Obama delivered his second State of the Union address of his second term in office. The address was carried live from 9:00 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. on 13 networks and tape-delayed on Univision. The sum of the average audience for those networks was 33,299,172 viewers with a combined household rating of 20.7. The networks carrying the address live were CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Azteca, Fox Business, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Al Jazeera America, Galavision and Mun2.

The chart provided by Nielson on the same page as the above quote places the ratings within their historical context.

Last year Obama pulled in a 21.8 rating, compared to a rating of only 20.7 Tuesday night. Comparatively, Obama's third State of the Union address in 2011 pulled in a rating of 26.6. Obama's ratings have plunged steadily downward since his first State of the Union in 2009.

George W. Bush, by comparison, received a rating of 38.9 for his third State of the Union in 2003, and his second State of the Union of his second term in 2006 garnered a rating of 26.9, both well above Obama's ratings.

Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit declared that Obama is "historically boring and tough to watch."

But the question is why.

The answer is readily apparent. Too many broken promises, too many lies that have been exposed for all to see, and too many examples of an ethically challenged administration at the highest levels of government have made Obama not only a lame duck but a liability.

People don't want to listen anymore because they don't trust him anymore. Many at first were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. They had hoped that the many rumors and news stories they had heard and read indicating that Obama is not who has portrayed himself to be and that he is sorely lacking in personal integrity could not be true. They hoped that if they gave him a chance he would prove the rumors and reports being propagated under the radar since the mainstream media would not cover them would turn out to be untrue. They wanted to believe Obama would turn out to be a really nice guy who was basically honest and trustworthy.

But their trust was sadly misplaced, and many discovered to their horror that they had placed their confidence in someone who could look them in the eye, not once, not twice, but repeatedly and lie to them concerning the most important and critical areas of the nation's life.

The Obamacare disinformation campaign that the president himself conducted was only the tip of the iceberg. There was Benghazi, the IRS retaliation against conservatives and evangelical Christians, the NSA spying scandal, the scandal that removed moderate Muslim forces from office in the Middle East in order to prop up the most extremist factions of radical Islam -- all of which has destabilized the region -- in addition to the Fast and Furious scandal, and many others.

In each case, in spite of assurances to the contrary, Obama not only failed to adequately address the festering boil of corruption growing on the skin of his administration but he rewarded the perpetrators of lawlessness in the DOJ, the IRS, the State Dept., etc, with transfers to cushy new jobs. Many received promotions.

So far not a single government employee or political appointee in any federal agency has been held accountable for their illegal actions.

And note that we have not even begun to discuss the stalled "recovery," the number of Americans who have dropped out of the workforce in despair and are thus not counted in the "improving unemployment numbers." We have not mentioned the dictatorial rants of a narcissistic president who somehow fancies himself to be King. And we have not even called attention to Obama's threats to circumvent Congress and the rule of law by seizing for himself power the Constitution does not grant him by using Executive Orders to do what Congress refuses to do.

Americans, frankly, are sick of it. Sick of the corruption, the grandiosity, the arrogance, the lawlessness, and failure to deliver on promises made to the public.

But worst of all, the lies have all caught up with Obama. The lies he told the public repeatedly about Obamacare represented the last straw. The problem with Obama is not so much that he is boring, as Hoft stated. The problem is that after so many lies the public just doesn't want to hear it anymore. So, they have tuned him out and relegated him to the ash heap of permanent irrelevance.


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