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Noblitt ready for ShoFIGHT Title shot on Sat. on after dropping 115 lbs!

Shawn Tiger vs Kyle Noblitt

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Kyle Noblitt weighed in at 320 lbs when he became the ShoFIGHT Grappling Series champion to earn his title shot. Instead of choosing his title shot to be at the Super-Heavyweight & Heavyweight division which many expected he chose to drop down to 205 to face current ShoFIGHT Light Heavyweight Champion Shawn Tiger.

Tiger vs Noblitt will be a part of the highly anticipated duel card, ShoFIGHT Boiling Point & Brawl Inc SubZero, which will be held the the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center in Branson, MO or LIVE around the WORLD on for those who can not be in attendance. Tiger vs Noblitt will be a part of the 7 card action packed line up that will feature a ShoFIGHT & BRAWL INC Heavyweight Championship unification between Josh "the Hulk" Faries & Brandon "Mongo" Huckaby. The event starts at 9pm EST and like every card on if you order once you can re watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand!

Recently we had the chance to sit briefly catch up with Kyle Noblitt (2-0) to discuss his fight with Shawn Tiger (6-0), his career, and more! This is what he had to say: How is training camp going for your title shot against Shawn Tiger?

Noblitt: It's going great, God has bless me for some time now with being able to train twice a day 5 days a week for over a year now. Having a great support system, coaches and trainer throughout my life time has also being a blessing. I'm just ready! With God my side I shall not fear nothing,what can men do to me. You got this title shot for being the overall winner of the shoFIGHT grappling series. At the event you weighed in around 320 lbs. but instead of cashing your title shot in at Super Heavy or Heavy you decided to drop to Light Heavyweight. What made you make this decision?

Noblitt: I just wanted to see what kind of shape I could get n, and when I started working out, and not holding nothing back I seen that I could drop down to 205. I cut 22 lbs in 2 weeks in 8th grade to wrestle in the state title then. So fighting at this weigh will be just fine with me. What do you know about Shawn? Is there any flaws in his game that you think you can expose?

Noblitt; Don't know nothing about him except that he hasn't went against Kyle Noblitt. What got you started in MMA?

Noblitt: Well after getting kicked out of college wrestling for fighting, I called up an old MMA coach that I knew from just trying to stay In shape in between colleges. He asked if I wanted to take a fight in two week, I said yes and have been training and fighting even since. Who are some of the fighters that you look up to for inspiration or that you admire?

Noblitt: Well I'm living in the now, and just got back from grind house in KC MO. I was staying with Zak Cummings at his house for a week. He is a current UFC fighter, and he showed me how the UFC fighters train along with James Kraus. After being there for a week, I know all my hard work was paying off. If I just keep working at it, it will pay off. I have seen it personally through Zak because I knew him as a friend before he made it there. Do you represent a fight team? Also do you want to shout out some of the guys you worked with to get ready for this fight or any sponsors?

Noblitt: I represent my family, and the last name Noblitt, and what's those two things mean to me. I have been training all over southwest Missouri for my hole life I stater wrestling when I was 8 years old, and been in a combat sport ever since. With that said, I want to think 3 gyms first off I want to thank strong gym in Springfield Missouri and Matt Reynolds along with Padon Stringer for helping me with my strength, and conditioning. They have been helping me get in shape for over a year now. I also want to thank fighters flow for letting use there place. Mike Broaden was a great help holding mitts, and teaching me combos for the past two months I learned a lot. I also want to thank Grind House in KC MO, Zak Cummings, and James Krause for helping finishing with a strong and long training camp. I also have a great support system they are Pumpers prints it llc. They are the ones that made the shorts I will be wearing, Vance chiropractic has been one of my sponsors for a vary long time such nice godly ppl that God has blessed me with. Catalyst church, TWA Terminator wrestling Academy, and Jeff Chaves they have also been a great blessing, All over Prints, Trever Collins tattoo. Most of all though I want to think my family for all the back bone, and my better half Jenny for putting up with all I put her throw getting ready for this fight. Do you feel the pressure is on him being defending champion or you as the challenger? Why?

Noblitt: Yes I feel like it's on him. He is the one on top I'm the under dog they say. For fans who are not familiar with you, how would you describe your style of fighting?

Noblitt: Come watch and find out! Final Question: What can fans in attendance & the fans watching around the WORLD LIVE on expect from you this Saturday night?

Noblitt: Expect me to be leaving there with a W!

Tickets for this event start at $25 and are available at but if you can't be Radisson Hotel & Convention center in Branson, MO, fear not, you can still watch this entire event, from start to finish, LIVE from anywhere in the WORLD on! The event starts at 9pm EST but if you miss any of the action you can re watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand once you order the event!!

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