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Noblegarden in Meridian

Noblegarden has always been one of my favorite World of Warcraft holidays. This is largely because I like rabbits but also because it is a great example of how WoW keeps things fun by not taking itself too seriously. Noblegarden gives us pink bunnies that lay eggs and goblins in bunny suits that hoard those eggs. So with egg laying bunny promo cards and a playmat on the line I packed up my cards and headed out to the event.

I chose to play Tyrus Blackhorn for this event. Yes, warlock is still a class and satyr horns are kind of like bunny ears. Maybe next year the promo will be a demon bunny with glowing eyes! Probably not but a man can dream. So with Tyrus and my satyr-bunnies in hand I joined 24 other players in quest for the great playmate. My matches follow with my opponent, their class and final standing.

Round 1 – David Wurschmidt (17) – Blue Rogue

David is one of my playtesting buddies and normally when we get paired in a tournament we have a pretty good idea how they are going to turn out. This time however, David was playing a deck I hadn’t seen much of before.

We started out in pretty typical fashion. I played a Jadefire Scout, he poisoned the well. He played Shadow Dance, I responded with Miniature Voodoo Mask. I gained some ground with another Scout and Bottled Void. David made a comeback with a Maimgor’s Bite/Gutbuster combo. In the end my reach with bottles and Drain Essence won out.


Round 2 – Mike Lacer (6) – Grglmrgl

Mike is fairly new to our community but is proving himself to be a fast rising star. His hunter deck is fast and relentless and I always have a good game with Mike.

Mike grabbed tempo early with a Gilblin Deathscrounger and a Concussive Barrage to my Jadefire Scout. Boomer also showed up to yell at me and Sardok. I cleaned things up with a Fel Blaze and finished Boomer with a Drain Essence. Mike brought the rain with consecutive Concussive Barrages to my hero. Once again, Bottled Void came to my rescue. I think Tyrus has a drinking problem.


Round 3 - Christian Bentley (2) – Solo Red Rogue

Lots of Rogues at this event, they must be farming Deadmines for blue drops. Christian is always fun to play. He has a great attitude and builds fun decks that usually have a creative kill mechanism.

Once again I had tempo early and was sending waves of satyrs and broken bottles after Christian’s hero. It looked good for me until Maimgor’s Bite hit the table. I used Fire and Brimstone to get rid of the axe but Christian had another. Then all his hard work in the Deadmines paid off when he equipped Smite’s Reaver and played To Arms. Something like 40 damage in one turn later and Tyrus was little more than a pool of blood.


Round 4 – Brody States (1) – Blue Hunter

Brody is an amazing player. Not only does he make golden decks in his sleep he is always the first guy in line to help everyone else become a better player. Brody also seems to have trouble with my warlock decks. I rarely beat him but I make him work for it.

Tempo was firmly in my corner early in this game. Sardok, Jadefire Scout, and Jadefire Hellcaller all made early appearances. I broke a couple bottles and had Brody on the ropes. I even dealt with Edwin van Cleef handily with two Fel Blazes. Unfortunately for me Vanessa was lounging around in Brody’s hand and brought her shopping buddy Faenis the tranquil out to punish me for what I did to her dad.


Round 5 – Russell Kuhns (12) – Red Rogue

Russell is another player with a great attitude and fun decks. Seeing him play rogue made me a little nervous after my game with Christian. My deck doesn’t handle burst damage well and Rogue has it right now.

I grabbed tempo again with my usual corps of demons and bottles. It seems like I’m pretty good at doing that so Tyrus must be a functional drunk. Russel’s deck just wouldn’t cooperate with him. He didn’t get much in the way of offense and suffered the wrath of my bunny-satyrs.


Round 6 – Tom Yan (8) – Blue Mage – Jaina Proudmoore

Mage is a scary class to play against right now and it’s becoming popular in this neck of the woods. With all that control I can’t blame anyone for playing it, especially since I have one as well. Tom just started playing in the WoW events and I don’t know him very well. That makes for a tense match up because I don’t know his play style at all.

Tom and I traded allies back and forth for a bit and a couple of mine got overloaded. I was gaining ground due to my Bottled Voids, including two in a singe turn for an 18 point health swing. Apparently tyrus is also a violent drunk. A late Ice Barrier from Tom threatened to turn the game in his favor but I had a Voodoo Mask waiting for it.


Round 7 – Les Cannady (4) – Rawrbrgl

Les is the man responsible for bringing me into the WoW TCG fold. He is a good deck builder and player and usually only plays in bigger events like the holidays or qualifiers due to a very busy schedule so it’s always nice to get a chance to play him.

My main defense against a murloc, or any rush deck for that matter, is Fel Blaze. Les had a few coastrunners out and then added a Gutfin and a Chumley putting his fish-men out of blaze range. A Monstrous Upheaval and a whole lot of mrglrglrgling finished me off.


My record and tiebreakers were good enough for 7th place and in a field of 25 I will take that all day long. The top 8 filled out as follows:

  1. Brody States
  2. Christian Bentley
  3. Mykie Nelson
  4. Les Cannady
  5. Nick Nelson
  6. Mike Lacer
  7. Chris Nelson
  8. Tom Yan

As you can see the Nelson family (Mykie is my wife and Nick is my nephew) represented themselves pretty well this Noblegarden.

Huge thanks and kudos go out to our tournament organizer Ryan Skinner who made the event extra fun by providing an egg hunt with plastic eggs containing vouchers for extra door prizes in them. Everyone got an egg for every two rounds they played in. Egg prizes included playsets of foil promos, dice, deckboxes and playmats.

Sean and Patty Wainwright of Phoenix Fire games also deserve big thumbs up for hosting the event and putting up with our nonsense with a grain of salt you could crush a car with.

Noblegarden 2012 was yet another amazing event in Idaholeaving me to look forward to June and the Midsummer Fire Festival.


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