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Noah's Ark was round: Prototype tablet discovered and about to be replicated

A round Noah's Ark: British Museum's Irving Finkel holds the prototype for a round Noah's Ark which is newly discovered.
A round Noah's Ark: British Museum's Irving Finkel holds the prototype for a round Noah's Ark which is newly discovered.
British Museum

Noah’s Ark was round, or at least that is what is depicted in the latest discovery of a clay tablet that holds the instructions on building the ark. The clay tablet, which is about the size of a “mobile phone,” holds “one of the most important human documents ever discovered,” according to Irving Finkel, the British Museum’s assistant keeper of the Middle East.

According to Fox News on Jan. 24, Finkel is also the man who translated this tablet. The tablet was given to Finkel a few years ago when a man brought it to him after he found it among his father’s belongings. His father had “acquired” the damaged tablet after WWII while in the Middle East. The tablet was covered in a script described as “jagged cuneiform script of the ancient Mesopotamians.” It was translated and found to be the prototype for Noah's Ark.

The boat was about two-thirds the size of a soccer field and perfectly round. The tablet give instructions to build Noah’s Ark “out of rope, reinforced with wooden ribs and coated in bitumen. The round boat makes sense says Finkel and other scholars agree with him today. Soon everyone can see how it is done, as the building of the ark using the new specs from the prototype will be the subject of a new documentary for TV.

During that time in history boats that ferried people across rivers and other bodies of water were round. These boats were called coracles and this was the type of boat used in Mesopotamia. These boats were hard to sink, so this would also make sense to have the safest type of boat known during that time used to carry such precious cargo. This tablet also gave the instructions of loading animals two by two, which has been the traditional religious belief.

Now this new finding will be put to the test. Experts are building a replica of the coracle using the exact specs that are engraved on the tablet. They will build the round Noah’s Ark and see if it floats and put it through all types of weather scenarios and different conditions with the waves, much like what Noah's Ark would have endured.

The making and testing of the round Noah’s Ark is being filmed for a documentary that will be premiered on TV later this year. Forget the long boat that comes to a point in the front, as traditionally depicted in pictures. This boat is perfectly round!

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