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Noah's Ark theme park: Kentucky's Ark Encounter to start building this May 2014

Noah's Ark theme park set to begin construction
Noah's Ark theme park set to begin construction, Facebook (UPI)

A Noah’s Ark theme park is in the works in Kentucky, and park officials have confirmed this week that the Ark Encounter attraction has amassed enough funds to begin building the site this May of 2014. While raising enough money for the massive project was a definite issue in the past, Creation Museum leaders said that construction is set to begin soon, and the theme park is really happening. UPI News reports this Friday, Feb. 28, 2014, that along with this landmark announcement, officials have also confirmed that the attraction site will be in Williamstown, Kentucky, on no less than 800 acres of land for the impressive amusement locale.

In addition to a number of places to eat and learn about religious history, the Noah’s Ark theme park — being called the Ark Encounter Park — will be containing a full 510 foot replica of the famous vessel that, according to the Old Testament, Noah rode with two of every animal in order to avoid a flood that destroyed the world. An announcement was made this week that it’s time to “build the ark,” and that construction is set to officially begin this May.

“We’re going to begin construction, and this is going to be great for the area,” Answers in Genesis president Ken Ham made known in an online announcement late on Thursday night. “Let’s build the ark.”

What is the cost for such a massive attraction site project? It’s anticipated that the Ark Encounter theme park will cost over $120 million to make and will not be ready to open until 2016. While raising enough funds for the investment were the project builders’ main trouble initially, it seems that they were able to make enough money to have this dream become a veritable reality.

On top of the giant ship itself at the Noah’s ark theme park, Kentucky park officials said that they are also planning to prepare a pre-flood area, live action animal shows for young children, and a fully equipped “Tower of Babel” theater. As cited by Ham, once construction is complete the ark will have the distinguished right to being the very largest timber-framed structure in the entire U.S. nation.

“We’re happy to be the home of the Ark,” Williamstown Mayor Rick Skinner told the Courier-Journal.

It is also expected that the attraction site will bring in literally hundreds of new jobs for construction workers, planners, and other laborers alike. Breaking ground for the Ark Encounter park is said to begin this May 2014, so keep your eyes out for that massive vessel soon.

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