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Noah's Ark: It was probably round instead of pointed

Turns out that Noah's Ark may have been round instead of looking like this
Turns out that Noah's Ark may have been round instead of looking like this
New York Daily News

Noah’s Ark has long been believed to have been a long vessel with a point-shaped bow. However, there is a new study released which states that Noah’s Ark may have been round instead of long and pointed, according to a Yahoo! News report on Friday.

A 4,000-year-old clay tablet, which is from ancient Mesopotamia-modern-day Iraq, was recently analyzed. Revelations about the Old Testament's story of Noah and Noah’s Ark offer new details which contradict the long-held beliefs about Noah’s Ark.

The details of the materials show that there were instructions for building a huge vessel in a round shape – referred to as a coracle. And yes, the instructions included the part of the story which said that the animals should enter the vessel two-by-two.

With the new information, engineers will duplicate the instructions that appear on the clay tablet and see if the structure can sail on water. The clay tablet is on display at the British Museum – as of Friday.

Irving Finkel, the British Museum’s assistant who keeps items of the Middle East, is the person who had the tablet. He got it from a man who brought the clay tablet in. When it was brought in, it was damaged. The person who brought it in said his father had found the tablet in the Middle East following World War II. The clay tablet was light brown, reportedly the size of a mobile phone, and had cuneiform script on it – which is the script of the ancient Mesopotamians.

Now, Finkel is saying that the tablet is one of the most important human documents ever discovered. Finkel believes Noah’s Ark was round as such structures were utilized as taxis in the river in ancient Iraq, designed to move along flood waters.

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