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"Noah": Let's Try to COMPLETELY Change the Bible, so as to Promote Liberal Lies

As many people are aware, there is a movie out called "Noah," which is supposed to be the Biblical story, with artistic license taken. I have yet to see it, but due to my skepticism of a Biblical movie, especially with so much money, coming out of Hollywood, I have spent a lot of time looking into this. It's not just artistic license that has been taken, according to reviews. It completely changes the story to try to present a liberal view, which is exactly what is done with history books, philosophy books, and the like. Facts have never supported liberal ideas, so instead, stories are taken and changed to try to make liberal ideas seem more legitimate.

So with "Noah," what's called "artistic license" is changing God's reason for the flood from man's sin to man's disrespect for the world he created. Sound familiar? Maybe like a lesson from Al Gore? And then there's the visual of a single cell developing into fish, that develop into fish with legs, and eventually end with a monkey on a tree. Seems more like evolution than Biblical creation.

So why would this be done? Why would you take a story, make a movie out of it, and completely change it? This happens with a lot of movies, but this one is a little different. Why would a couple people who have admitted to not quite following the Bible throughout their lives, make a movie out of a Bible story, and make such significant changes? Why change God's intent behind it? Could it be to maybe trick some people not familiar with the Bible into thinking "Hey, God was an environmentalist. He destroyed mankind for not believing a message similar to Al Gore. Maybe Al Gore is right." Rather than believing that God created the Earth, and mankind, and loves and wants to take care of both, but destroyed both for a period of time due to how much evil there was, people will miss the actual point of what happened and focus on what non-Bible believers want them to focus on when thinking about the Bible.

It's sad that movies, even "Biblical" ones, have to be researched to find out what to expect/prepare for, to find out whether or not they are true to the story or force in lies and attempts at indoctrination. The good thing is, for many of us who see this happening, we also are able to notice the constant lies and adjusting of stories, with total disregard for facts, that happen when someone tries to support liberal ideas. I guess the motto is, "if facts don't support your beliefs/ideas, change the facts." That seems to be the mantra of those that want so much to have these lies be true. Hopefully, it can draw interest in the Bible in the right way, that will get people to research it and find out the truth, rather than what people want us to believe.

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