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'NOAH' is dramatic and overplayed

Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly are back again as husband and wife in the movie,“Noah”. The first time was in “A Beautiful Mind” (2001). This time they are treading water for 40 days and 40 nights. This is a Biblical story.

“Noah” was filmed on a grand scale, depicting the major event referred to in the Old Testament. This story is considered a dramatic biography of a historic event. He built the Ark while God cleansed the earth from corruption and wickedness. The dimensions of the Ark are stated in the Holy Bible, King James Version, Genesis: Chapter 6, verses 14-16.

Hoping that people will be attentive to the message of the story, this is a depiction of Noah. Crowe takes command of the big screen as the man who obeyed specific instructions from God and forged ahead to achieve his mission. Hectic scenery and subdued lighting set the stage that dramatized the task at hand.

Crowe’s physique helped in landing this part as the carpenter and commander of the vessel with dominion over the animals. Animals, although computer generated, were convincing in creating this timeless story.

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