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'Noah' could be the blockbuster of the year; it starts today

The potential blockbuster "Noah" starring Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe opens today, Friday, March 28th.

You have interest from controversy, an all-star cast, and Hollywood finally making a serious attempt to make a religious movie. You have the ingredients of a potential blockbuster.

Noah” opens Friday, March 28th, a film that is a Genesis account of the catastrophic global flood documented in the Torah and Bible.

Academy award winner Russell Crowe stars in the role of Noah along with perennial bad guy Anthony Hopkins as the antagonistic consummate representation of evil that brought the judgment of God upon a violent world.

As with the “Passion of the Christ” released ten years ago, Noah is also being scrutinized by an international community, particularly the countries with a Muslim influence. Some have banned the distribution of “Noah” before knowing much more than it is a Jewish-Christian account of the Great Flood.

As with other authentic controversy, it will only serve to drive interest and have an international appeal as Mel Gibson’s epic film “Passion of the Christ” which detailed the crucifixion of Christ which totaled over a half a billion dollars in world-wide receipts. “Noah” has the pull to consolidate interest not only in the major religions, but with those with no religious affiliation who are curious about the religious account of the Flood.

Reaction has been mixed from those already critical that there may be an attempt by the director to make Noah an environmentalist. Although Hollywood typically uses great liberty in presenting its own agenda in religiously themed movies the past 50-years, the movie “Noah” has more of a flavor towards the Hollywood spectacles of the golden age of movies where epics as “Ben Hurr” and “The Exodus” were presented with respect towards religious values.

Suspicion and caution are being conveyed by many Christians concerning “Noah” who hope that there is an accurately portrayed religious presentation of the film which does not stray too far from the record in the Holy Scriptures. Hollywood religious themed movies typically presented religious leaders in an extremely negative light.

Trailers on “Noah” appear to be promising to stick to the Biblical account with scenes as the fountains of the deep being broken up to contribute to the world wide flood. The mass of animals depicted demonstrates there is an attempt to reflect the Genesis account of far more creatures of each type boarding on the ark than the standard story line of only one male and one female creature erroneously stipulated in other accounts of Noah’s ark. Clean animals by sevens and its mate means a lot more than the standard two.

It will be fascinating for other students of the scriptures to see what other aspects of the movie that stay true to the story of Noah.

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