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NOAA plans survey of bait and tackle shops

A new nationwide Recreational Bait and Tackle Store Economic Survey is being planned by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Announcement of the planned survey is being made in the Federal Register of Monday, March 31.

NOAA is asking for approval from the Office of Management & Budget for the survey.

The agency plans to survey 2,910 stores over three years, 970 a year. It estimates it will take three hours to survey each large chain store and half an hour for each independent outlet.

NOAA wants to learn about the “operational structure” of such stores. It plans to ask operators about their costs and sales and to describe their clientele. The goal is to help NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service fulfill its responsibility under the Magnuson-Stevens Act to quantify the impact of its policies on coastal communities and fishermen.

NOAA intends to use the survey results to estimate the economic impact of bait and tackle stores regionally and nationally.

No stores will be required to participate, however.

The plan modifies a proposal put forth in December. See story below for details.

NOAA is taking public comments about the proposed survey through April. For details see

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