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No wonder our children always want more

Cars are now being swapped out just like phones.
Cars are now being swapped out just like phones.

Change of any kind is a given. It is simply a law of physics. Some change just seems ludicrous, however; change for change sake is equal to waist. This is what our children are learning from their parents. When will it ever end?

Take for instance our cellular telephone programs that allow us to upgrade when we want, not always on a set plan. Parents – and their children – view this as desirable “change.” Now parents want to have the same option with their automobiles as they do their mobile devices.

According to a new study from the car-leasing marketplace, peoples’ desire to simply want change is the main reason that cars are purchased today – not the financial motivations we’ve seen in the past. The online survey was presented to more than 1,000 drivers across America. It revealed that car shoppers view their vehicle experience in much the same way they view their mobile device. Simply put, they love it for a little over a year and then it’s on to the next one. With low monthly payments aplenty, many drivers have become accustomed to simply making a payment, month after month and vehicle after vehicle, similar to their mobile plan.

According to data from the survey results, cars are more closely aligned with mobile technology, which appears to be just as permeable to a desire for change as the auto industry. In fact, according to Recon Analytics, a research firm that monitors the worldwide mobile industry, Americans change their phones most frequently compared to every other country. Americans change their cell phones every 21.7 months, and this number is expected to drop with the introduction of new contract-escape-friendly plans offered by the cellular providers.

Key highlights of the study:

· Men (59.5%) and women (60.7%) would like to change their vehicles as often as they change their mobile phone

· In addition to change, Men (42.0%) and women (50.0%) say the biggest reason to get a new vehicle is because it comes with a new warranty

· BMW and Mercedes-Benz are the two brands men and women would like to change into the most, while Chrysler and Dodge were the least likely targets for change

· In terms of other change preferences, most women (28.2%) would like to change their job/career while most men (31.4%) would like to change where they live

“Whether it’s your car or your phone, we all live in this new mobile mentality,” said Scot Hall, Executive Vice President of “And it doesn’t stop there, because consumers have become accustomed to change in many areas of their lives, including their residence, wardrobe, career path and even the people we decide to spend our lives with – for now.”

Is it any wonder why our children are so mixed up? There seems to be a large gap in emotional security; stemming from this throw-away society! What do kids in America have that is secure and will our kids’ kids ever have anything stable?

There are constant warnings that our children will never be out of debt. We are the reason for that debt. We, the parents of today, are displaying uncharacteristically less parenting skills because of our wants. Perhaps now would be a good time to sit back and analyze this before we fill our Earth with more garbage just to get something new!

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