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No valentine? Celebrate Singles Awareness Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, couples are making plans to share their love with flowers, cards, candy, special meals and unique gifts.

Celebrate Singles Awareness Day by giving yourself a gift of flowers, candy, a great meal or time with friends
Celebrate Singles Awareness Day by giving yourself a gift of flowers, candy, a great meal or time with friends
Sandy Wallace
Share funny anti-Valentine's cards from with your single friends as you celebrate Singles Awareness Day on Feb. 14 or 15 this year

Now there's a day just for the singles of the world. Whether you're divorced, widowed or never married, celebrate your uniqueness on Singles Awareness Day.

Some celebrate Singles Awareness Day on Feb. 14. Others prefer to wait a day and celebrate on Feb. 15 to avoid the cluster of couples on Valentine's Day.

There's no right or wrong way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day, but here are a few options to consider.

Share the day by sending anti-Valentines to your single friends. offers several humorous anti-Valentines eCards your single friends will love.

Set the world of love on fire with the "Burning Love" eCard. Your friends will laugh at the antics of a talking box of chocolates with the "Chocolate Death" eCard.

There's also a "Chocolates for Yourself" eCard to shower yourself with chocolate. Finally, if you're really tired of Cupid's cuteness, check out the "Shoot Cupid" eCard.

Celebrate Singles Awareness Day by joining friends for dinner and drinks or a movie. Whether you laugh together or commiserate about the difficulties faced when you're living single in a couples world, you'll have a great time.

Buy yourself flowers, chocolates or the gift of your choice. Pick that item you've been wanting and just buy it. Have your item gift-wrapped at the store or not.

Plan a singles speed dating event. Ask each of your single friends to bring two or three friends along. Each single spends a few minutes on short dates with other participants. You will enjoy getting to know new friends and may find someone you'd like to get to know better.

Plan a solo activity and enjoy Singles Awareness Day doing something you love. Maybe you're a hiker or a runner. Maybe your idea of fun is a spa day or a night at the movies. Make your plans now and enjoy the day.

Do something to help someone and you'll reap the rewards. Visit a friend in the hospital, volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter or call and chat with someone who lives alone. You'll feel good about yourself as you help others.

Get away from it all with a solo getaway. Head to the mountains or the beach, take in the sights of an exotic place or visit your favorite resort.

Get crafty and make yourself a bouquet of bacon roses. What's not to love about the yumminess of bacon turned into a timeless bouquet. Visit for complete directions.

There's nothing wrong with being single, despite the messages sent in our society. The only person who will be with you your entire life is you, yourself. Celebrate the uniqueness of you on Singles Awareness Day.

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