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No, Trump

The President's certificate of birth with signature and serial number.
The President's certificate of birth with signature and serial number.

Billionaire mogul Donald Trump has been making the rounds of the talk show circuit recently, discussing issues from the economy, to China, to a possible presidential run in 2012. In an interview with The Today Show's Meredith Vieira, Trump also breathed new life into the somewhat defunct "birthers" movement by claiming that the President's certificate of live birth (which is the Hawaiian equivalent of a birth certificate) doesn't have any serial numbers or signatures on it.

Can this man restore America's dignity?

Yes, despite the fact that most serious journalists (and even most republican lawmakers) have dismissed the "birthers" claims, Trump still believes there's a "real possibility" that our President wasn't born in this country.

Of course, these claims are easy enough to refute. did a thorough investigation of the "birthers" claims, even holding and taking photos of the President's certificate of live birth (serial numbers and all). They also point out that Trump's claim that Mr. Obama's grandmother saw him born in Kenya, is actually a misstatment. That what she actually said was that she didn't see him born, because he was born in America.

The Donald also said that he wouldn't have intervened in Libya unless we were guarenteed the oil; that America is being "laughed at" by the rest of the world because of our overspending and possible government shut down; and that, were he in charge, America would be respected again.

While it is difficult to disprove hypotheticals, in this case it probably should be attempted. We are, afterall, talking about a potential presidential candidate.

First, as to whether or not America is being "laughed at" by the rest of the world--the president didn't seem to have much trouble garnering support for our action in Libya. Even France, who has traditionally thumbed its nose at our military involvement in the Middle East is not only on board, but taking a lead role. So, perhaps, we still do have some clout.

As for whether or not the twice divorced, twice bankrupt, host of a reality television show could restore America's respect in the world, well, that question remains open.


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