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No time? No problem. You WILL exercise in 2014, Part 2

Squats are an exercise you can do anywhere

Finding time to exercise can be more challenging than the actual exercise, it seems. We just looked at ways to fit exercise into your weekly routine. (Read more about that by clicking on this link.) Now we’re going to look at some basic routines that can be done with little or no equipment, so you can rock your fitness any time of day, no matter where you are.

First up is a no equipment workout. You can do this at home, in your office, at the park, or just about anywhere. All you’ll need is a clock, timer, or stopwatch, good shoes, some space, a bottle of water, and a towel to mop your sweaty brow. Always start and finish with a good stretch to prevent injuries.

After warm-up:

2 minutes: Walking lunges from one side of the room to the other. (Or do alternate lunges in place if you don’t have enough space.)

1 minute: Mountain climbers

2 minutes: Squats

1 minute: High knee run in place

1 minute: Wall sit

2 minutes: Windmill toe touches

1 minute: Pushups

2 minutes: Bicycle crunches

1 minute: Plank

2 minutes: Burpees

1 minute: Wall sit

2 minute: Skaters (Jump left, cross right leg behind you, tap toe, jump right, cross left leg behind you, tap toe)

1 minute: Pushups

1 minute: March in place

That’s a 20 minute workout, which you can easily squeeze into a busy day. Plus, you can repeat it if you’ve got more time, or modify it to meet your unique needs. In the next column, we’ll look at a similar workout using weights.

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