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No time for Polly

Bella swan
Bella swan
Heather Scott

As the economy is getting back on track, people are finding that work has become increasingly more demanding. This bring a toll on pet play time. If you look on any local online classifieds, you'll notice an increasing number of ads from bird owners seeking new homes for their pets. The primary reason given is "I don't have enough time to spend with my bird, because of work". While this is a legitamate concern, it should be the first option.

Parrots are incredibly demanding companion pets, but are still routine driven. Parrots do best with schedules, and habits. Eventhough you May only have a couple hours of interaction time, it's good enough to keep Polly happy. Always put forth a best effort to spend at least an hour each day with your bird before resorting to find it a good home. Birds are mate driven animals, and would rather one friend for life rather than a few different ones.