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No Thru Traffic goes full force at Sunshine Studios Live

No Thru Traffic goes full force at Sunshine Studios Live.
No Thru Traffic goes full force at Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney/

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—No Thru Traffic pulled out all the stops at Sunshine Studios Live, on April 13. They were the opening act, along with Suspension Nine and Darkness Within. Starset was the direct support and Gemini Syndrome was the headliners.

No Thru Traffic goes full force at Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney

Issac Vigil is the vocalist and guitarist, JD Carson is the drummer and Ron Downey is the bassist of No Thru Traffic. Downey also provides backup vocals.

Before No Thru Traffic began their performance with “Breathe Smoke”, an audience member yelled and Carson if his cymbals were new. In response, he said they were. Shortly after, Vigil performed a microphone check and greeted the crowd. He introduced the band’s name and acknowledged the bands on the bill with them. Carson began the song, Downey accompanied him and Vigil chimed in. During the chorus, Downey assisted Vigil with backup vocals.

Prior to “Wrong Place”, Vigil asked the crowd if they were having a good time and they cheered in response. He went onto say the song was about being at the right place at the wrong time. During the instrumental, Downey and Vigil met at center stage. Shortly after, Vigil faced the crowd and rhythmically clapped his hands above his head and the onlookers soon followed suit.

Vigil asked everyone to give Gemini Syndrome a round of applause, before the start of “Hot Women, Cold Beer, Fast Cars”. He reminded the audience his band’s name was No Thru Traffic and mentioned they were from Pueblo, Colo. Shortly after—he encouraged them to seek them on various social networking sites, if they liked what they heard. He went onto joke the alternate title of the song was “‘Merica” and Downey yelled out the alternate song title, shortly after he had done so.

Placing both hands behind Vigil’s ears, he encouraged everyone to make more noise. He stated he wanted to hear them all, prior to “All Revved Up”. Downey soon began the song on his own, Carson soon accompanied him and Vigil joined them for the instrumental introduction.
“I Stand Alone” would be the last song to be performed, Vigil announced. Some of those in attendance voiced their disapproval because they wanted many more. After engaging with them for a bit, he mentioned the song would be on a future album. During the chorus, Downey assisted with backup vocals.

“Sucker Punchin’ P***y” was also a part of No Thru Traffic’s set.

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