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No special treatment for football star Jayru Campbell

Jayru Campbell
Jayru Campbell

Jayru Campbell is a 17-year-old Detroit Cass Tech star football player who has committed to play at Michigan State University in 2015.

Campbell has recently been charged with felony assault charges after several videos show him picking up a security guard at the high school, lifting him over his head and slamming him to the ground.

In the State of Michigan, all 17-year-olds are treated as adults in criminal matters.

Now a family friend of Campbell’s, J’nai Porter, has started an on-line petition to have the law changed so that all 17-year olds are charged as juvenile’s.

“I was confused as were a lot of other people. Why is Campbell being charged as an adult when he doesn’t have a criminal record? Porter is quoted in the Detroit Free Press as asking.

The Free Press reports that Porter is a massage therapist, Detroit resident and a 1997 Cass Tech grad.

Porter said she is worried Campbell will face diminished opportunities in his life if he is convicted of a felony.

“Campbell’s case moved me to action, but the reality is we value all of our youth. His case made me consider how many other kids…will continue to face adult charges at 17 years old. My daughter is 15 years old. God forbid she makes a bad mistake at 17 years old, she could be facing prison time,” reads Porter’s petition.

One man’s opinion:

This is nonsense. If Porter was confused as to why Campbell was being charged as an adult at 17, then she better wake up and smell the coffee.

How can a 34-year-old woman, raising a 15 year old daughter not know about the age of criminal responsibility?

This woman, if she cares about this young man, should be less concerned about his football career and more concerned over why Campbell lifted another human being over his head and slammed him to the ground, head first, during school. He could very easily have broken the guard’s neck and paralyzed or killed him.

Campbell obviously has a major anger problem that needs to be addressed. This past November he was suspended from school and for the first game of the 2014 football season for throwing a punch at a Novi Detroit Catholic Central player in a semifinal loss this past November.

It is highly unlikely Campbell will go to prison, but it is time for somebody to try to control him before he does kill someone and ends up there for the rest of his life.

I’ll tell you this, football star or not, he isn’t big enough for prison.

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