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No southern hospitality for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber on the red carpet for his film "Justin Bieber's Belive"
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Justin Bieber is back in his second hometown Atlanta, Ga recording some new music and house hunting. It's been reported he is eyeing a house on Blackland Road in the Buckhead neighborhood. While Lauren thinks this is a good move for the Biebs others don't agree.

This morning Justin woke up to a protest regarding his intentions to reside in the upscale Atlanta neigbhorhood. At 6am protesters held signs saying " No Justin No Peace" and "Keep Buckhead Beiber Free". The residents of this community don't want Bizzle due to his past actions. Drag racing, guzzling Sizzurp, smoking pot and throwing all night parties are not what the Buckhead neighborhood is about. It is a quiet,old money family community. In the past part of Buckhead was a night life hot spot along Peachtree Road. That ceased to exist a few years ago. All of the night clubs were closed to make way for a new retail development. Justin must be in love with the property and not so much the vibe of the community.

Bizzle did not comment on the protest. He made some general tweets saying he is only human and he is an easy target. It was later revealed the protest was a prank. Rock radio station Rock 100.5 organized the event to embarass Justin. Perhaps the organizers of the protest felt he needed to eat a piece of humble pie if he was going to grace their city. You can read about the prank here.

Justin should not be discouraged from making Atlanta his new home. Perhaps Cobb County would be a better fit for him than Buchead. Per Access Atlanta Cobb County resident Cindy Oldham would welcome Bizzle with open arms. She said "I’d like to tell Justin if I ever got to meet him, 'Welcome to Atlanta. Here’s a homemade chocolate cake, some fried chicken, my puppy dogs are here to play with you, and you’re welcome to hang out with me any time. And I’ll keep the media idiots away from you.”

Welcome home, Justin!

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