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No Socks Day: Knock your socks off and play footsie with those tootsies

If you’re looking for a “feat” of the day, look no further. Alert the presses – a special day is just hours away and people across the nation are ready to celebrate! On the “heels” of a very successful No Pants Day and World Naked Gardening Day, this particular holiday also encourages folks to take it off. May 8 is No Socks Day.

Get Your Socks Off:  It's No Socks Day!
Stephanie Hofschlaeger

No Socks Day

The annual event, sometimes called National No Socks Day, was created by Ruth and Thomas Roy and encourages freedom of the foot. While some people may not be particularly fond of their feet, it’s time to kick off the shoes and let those toes loose! Whether yours are huge and hairy or sexy and petite, give your feet a break for a day and show ‘em off in all their glory.

How to Celebrate No Socks Day

  • Why not walk on the wild side and go barefoot in the grass or take a leisurely walk on the beach and wiggle your feet in the sand?Some believe walking barefoot in certain locations like on the beach, in or near the water or on dewy grass, may be good for you. Google “Earthing” to find out more.
  • Add some romance to your evening. Play footsie with your significant other.
  • Now you have the perfect excuse for a new pedicure. Not that anyone needs an excuse for a pedi!
  • Read about Socks the Cat, former President Clinton's kitty.
  • It’s shoe shopping time! You’ll need a new pair of open-toed shoes, right?
  • Spread the word. Send a free No Socks Day ecard to your sock-wearing friends.
  • Get your dance on. Watch the popular film, "Footloose."

And after what seemed like a never-ending winter, it is finally time to put those warm, confining clothes away for the season and bring out the thongs, short shorts and teeny-weeny bikinis. Ditch the heels, show off those toes and celebrate No Socks Day in all its splendor regardless of how hairy your feet happen to be! So go ahead - knock your socks off!

Footnote......And speaking of socks, National Lost Sock Memorial Day is May 9.

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