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No slack deals on pure water

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Drinking bottled water or water purified in a system can change green living goals.

The future of going green in the pure water business in San Diego might not be as obvious as bottled water customers might think. Pure Water Technologies, a local water purification system company, ranks bottled water among the green products that beats its own environmental goals.

Doubt going green at home and at the office is enough to save the planet, and your health, the parent company, Pure Health Solutions Incorporated, tells customers. Tough on the bottled water companies, they inform San Diegans on the green living rgrets they might have.

Water bottles manufactured at distant locations are manufactured using petroleum products. PHSI highlights a hard truth. One year of bottling in the country consumes the smae amount of oil used to fuel one million cars for an entire year. And, the bottle give off into the air two and a half tons of carbon emissions. Long bottle haul trips are not the only work in the business that causes oil troubles.

In an office, a bottling sytem grows biofilm in the bottle. Water resevoirs serve as bacteria breeding grounds.

"Go Beyond Green!" the pure water company says. The ATS oxygenation equipped water purification system they sell gives customers purified water without the bottle. "Just going green isn't enough," at Pure Water Technologies at 3520 Kurtz Street, Suite D.

The Pure Water 1 systems, that use reverse osmosis or microfiltration to purify water, hold water in a stainless steel tank made to protect water against environmental spoiling. And, the customer does not get an upset stoomach from the dirt, rust, pesticides, and chlorine that the purification system takes sout of the water. Employees at an office stay safe, and healthy.

Companies such as CostCo and FedEx took the offer on setting the better green goals for employees. And, replaced bottled water with Pure Water TEchnologies systems.

The mcrioprocessor controlled multi-stage purificaiton systems earned the Gold Seal certificaiton from the Water Quality Association that certifies all products and services that contact drinking water.

This is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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