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No shop pantry and freezer week

One way to rotate your stockpile of food in your pantry and freezer and save money too is to declare a "no food shopping week". Basically what that does is prevents food from getting outdated, makes you think of new and creative ways to use what you have and to save money by not buying impulse items at the grocery store for one week. You "shop" from your pantry and freezer to make your food dollar stretch even further.

Try eating for a week just from your freezer and pantry to save extra money.
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Using leftovers and planning on using up items that migrate to the back of shelves can help stop food from being wasted. Studies have shown that Americans waste more food than any other country just by throwing food away. Food costs far to much to waste.

Now of course if you have children you will need to get essentials such as milk, and no one wants to run out of toilet paper. This is just a suggestion to try to get the most out of your food dollars.

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