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No shirt, no shoes? No problem, shop Sjobeck

The Sjobeck Container Store
The Sjobeck Container Store
Photo: Sjobeck

No matter how swimmingly you and your chick get along there will inevitably be those days when she wants to go shopping and you would rather hit the beach to surf or bronze. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that you can quit rolling your eyes – Sjobeck, a luxury apparel brand for both men and women whose name means “by the water”, truly went back to its roots when it opened its “Container Store,” located literally on the sand in Malibu. So, pack a picnic and take your girl to the beach for a fun-filled day (for both of you!) of sand, surf and shopping. She’ll love the women’s collection and you are guaranteed to find something you just can’t live without as well.

The Sjobeck men’s collection, which includes denim and wovens, has been constructed with innovative and premium fabrics in a classic and refreshing color pallet for a simple and understated look – no need for over-embellishments with these styles. The term "Laidback Luxury" has been coined for the brand’s style and the design team has finely tuned each piece for comfort and versatility, luxury and style.

The Sjobeck design team, native to Malibu, wanted to create their store out of something reused and recycled. They ended up transforming a 20 ft. shipping container that they found for sale in San Pedro into the Container Store. Due to its long-standing Malibu heritage, Sjobeck is currently the only brand that can boast a retail venue on Paradise Cove which makes for a fun and unique shopping experience. Take that, trendy Abbot Kinney pop-up shop!

The Sjobeck Container Store sells collection basics, in addition to exclusive specialty pieces not available anywhere else. The sign on the door reads “No Shoes Required” – and according to Sjobeck, “the more sand the better.” So bring it on you diehard shopaholics – oh, and you, the guy with the heart of gold who is just trying to stay sane while keeping the old lady content.