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No sex, no cheating: Elizabeth Hurley and Bill Clinton are innocent

Elizabeth Hurley and former President Bill Clinton are no strangers to scandal. She was involved in a bitter dispute with her baby daddy Steve Bing. And Clinton was hounded by his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Nonetheless, when this story broke he could honestly say to Hillary, "I never had sex with that woman." Radar Online revealed the story on Feb.5, 2014: Hurley's Ex-Lover Caught On Bombshell Audio Recording. Today, Feb. 6, 2014, Us Magazine revealed: Tom Sizemore Blames Elizabeth Hurley, Bill Clinton Affair Story on Drug Use. Essentially in a drug stupor her ex-lover had no idea what he was saying.

Looking happy.
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With Hillary Clinton being talked about as the front Democratic runner for president in 2016, this could have become a huge political embarrassment. Although, she did stand by her man during the Lewinsky scandal.

Elizabeth Hurley baby daddy scandal

If you read here “Hugh Grant tops celebrity list of 10 who fathered a love child,” you’ll see that Hurley’s name is listed.

Steve Bing, who vehemently denied that he fathered Hurley’s child, was proven wrong with a DNA test as People noted: DNA Says Bing Fathered Hurley's Baby. Bing was also involved in a second paternity suit at the same time. He is an American businessman and film producer.

Why is it that so many presidents become the target of gossip? Did you read this story? Michelle Obama admits 'Scandal’ addiction midst scandalous gossip.

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