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No Safe Harbor

With the execution of an American journalist James Foley just proves that the world is indeed becoming more barbaric. It as been the policy of the United States never to negotiate with terrorists and their organizations. That being said, when the life of anyone no matter their country of origin is threatened it is the responsibility of every human being that steps must be taken to minimize and eliminate the risk of bodily harm. Did the US take the necessary steps to rescue James Foley? Some would argue that enough wasn't done. And then their are those who assert that the US tried to intervene but failed. In any case the gruesome death of James Foley just solidifies the fact that there are groups and organizations that are hell bent on complete and utter destruction of basic rights and liberties for all.

The world since 9/11 has become a tempest of horrific carnage against man that has reached into practically every country around the globe. The clash of not just ideologies but a festering of extreme radical principals that have boiled over setting off a fire storm of hate where any attempt toward peaceful coexistence never materializes. A constant vigilance by nations is now upon every nation that doesn't conform to the radical ideology of a religion and culture that is as different as night and day to that of the West. Questions have to be asked especially in light of the fact that more and more people of Western culture are becoming indoctrinated and conforming to a concept of human behavior that is so radical it poses a very serious threat to the peace and tranquility of not only Western society but that of their own base ideology as well.

Much of the blame stems from years of governmental policies and foreign intervention by the West into affairs of Eastern cultures that have done nothing to improve the quality of life for the majority of either society. What the West as inadvertently succeeded in doing has only ignited the wrath of certain groups to splinter away from their base ideology and adopt very radical concepts to assert and impose their agenda upon all those who they feel are an imminent threat. In doing so they are becoming more aggressive with each counter assault the West makes.

Here in the US as much as we don't want to realize this there are breeding grounds where radical ideals and principals are ingrained into the consciousness of certain individuals. Where at any moment the threat of violent reprisals are becoming more realistic every day. Today, the United States continues to have the world's largest prison population. We know that for years prisons have been the one particular place where extremist ideology and calls to violent acts have always found willing accomplices. Prisons after all are just as barbaric as the radical violent outside world has become.

Not only are our prisons breeding grounds for radical violent behavior but the many Mosques that are spread all across the country tend to transmit extremist ideas, concepts, and even sanction violent aggression against any deviation from their own ideology. One of the largest know organizations, the North American Islamic Trust is widely known to have direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Sharj'ah. The biggest problem in the US is the fact that there is no government policy on the establishment of Mosques therefore there is no way to monitor extreme radical activity. What complicates matters is Mosques are places of worship which under the cover of separation of church and state many Mosques are being used to spread extremist ideology.

With the continued violence in Gaza, Syria and the rest of the Mid-East coinciding with the embattled region in the Ukraine, not to mention tensions mounting with North Korea the world once again on the brink of a major confrontation. To make matters worse the United States and nations of the West have what is known as sleeper cells of covert operatives and informants that in any given moment could surface and engage in violent acts of terror right here in the United States, Canada and Europe. We know for a fact that terrorists organizations continue to gain more monetary support even from Western nations. With the consistent flow of almost seemingly unlimited funding and the recruiting of new members that seem to emerge in increasing numbers increases the inevitability that terrorist activity will only continue to jeopardize the security of practically every nation.

Today, a global catastrophe is already underway. The world is more volatile than in any time in recent history. For the past 35 years the United States has been consistently failing to achieve the international stature we had following the Second World War. But, what the US has going for it is the fact that we still have the military capabilities that are capable of global intervention when necessary. The sad fact of the matter is that now the US is trying to be the sole police agency of the world. This, when the civility among nations except for a few, there is none. In too many parts of the world dignity, compassion, humility and humanity have yet to be of prominent importance in the governing of nations. Mans inhumanity to man is so rampant today that any attempt so far to stop the insanity is practically futile. This is one of the biggest reasons why the US must initiate more authority for the United Nations. Not just the US but every industrialized nation must make concessions to allow the UN to have the ability in solving the many crisis that are infesting so many nations. The failure of the UN really lies with the United States approach to it's foreign policy to date and the lack of support from the European Nations as well as Russia and China.

The real problem in eradicating terrorists organizations like Al-Qaeda is the fact that most countries government are faulty, including the United Sates. Faulty, in that corruption of any form destroys the governments ability to effectively govern no mater how well intended it is. It must be noted that pervasive honesty is vital for the success of all governments. There must be a sense of morality for any law to be effective and with that a strong moral society is vital for the divine rights of governments in order to restore sensitivity, humanity, and humility to societies. When anarchy prevails as we are witnessed to with the atrocities that have played out recently human rights are non existent and the horrific suffering continues to spread causing a continuation and escalation of more violent carnage. The only recourse now is for the United Nations to form a coalition force to stop the spread of anarchy and restore order to those countries who have organizations and individuals that continue to violate basic human rights. It is time for the Unite States to lead the way for the countries of Germany, France, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia, England, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia and other Mid East countries to make a sincere effort in supporting the United Nations ability to start eliminating any and all terrorists organizations who have continued to hide behind a deviation of an ideology that by it's true nature is symbolic for peaceful coexistence. When all these countries are committed to the United Nations the UN will have the authority and the capabilities to bring about an end to the unlawful carnage that has swept over humanity.

We must remember that the success of any government depends on whether it is the clear choice of the people, the citizens the majority of whom must be charitable, the government must sponsor a military and a diplomatic policy of and for defense only and there must be a reasonable distribution of wealth and not like the income disparity gap that exists today within the US today. Any government is considered negligent if it denies and does not provide the means for earning a living for all those who want to work. As of today the United States is guilty of not following through on most of these principals, meanwhile the success of too many Americans is very limited at best.

Until the governments of nations unite behind a unified consolidated effort in stopping the flow of funds from reaching any terrorist organization would be a major first step in reducing the availability of terrorist attacks. Next, the doctrine of hate and violent reprisals against all who have different ideologies is primarily based of their own fear that they cannot understand or want to comprehend. Nor can they openly subdue their conscious desire to impose their doctrine of violent reprisals against all those who have chosen a different path. When one ideology clashes with another and one refuses to concede or let people live and let live while violently and willfully condones violent atrocities to force their will there leaves no recourse but to use counter measures usually by an opposing force to eliminate the first threat.

What we are seeing today is an increasing number of horrific barbaric acts of retaliation by these terrorists organizations. It is imperative that in order to felicitate an end to the needless suffering of humanity that the flow of funding to any country harboring known terrorist organizations or individuals be cut off. Education is vital from the onset. We have to focus on human behavior and what is the underlying cause to a persons mental indoctrination into a totally different and ill rational behavior. We all aren't born killers, or are we born with an extreme prejudice where hate and scorn are imbedded in our subconscious. It is only through the failings of society that some individuals do fall through the cracks and succumb to an ideal that seems to them as a rational behavior to retaliate against for a system that initially failed them. Only by understanding the root cause to succumb to an radical ideology can we effectively combat and eliminate what many are calling a malignant scourge of man.

We have to focus on the physiological reasons why individuals do become violently radical in their beliefs. We know and experience this world only through the perceptions that we create. We have the innate ability to choose how we perceive any event in our life, and we exercise this power of choice in every circumstance, every day. No matter what the situation, we all choose our own reaction, and we assign meaning and value to an event. We all view the world through individual filters, which influence the interpretations we give events, how we respond, and how we are responded to. That is what makes us unique individuals. But we have to be aware of the factors that influence the way we see the world, so we can compensate for them and react against them. If we continue to view the world through a filter created by past events, then you are allowing your past to control and dictate both your present and your future. Filters are made up of fixed beliefs, negative ideas that have become entrenched in your thinking. They are dangerous because if you treat them as fact, you will not seek, receive or process new information, which undermines your plans for change. This is what we have to understand and to incorporate in future policy decisions if we are to be successful in starting to eliminate the threat of terrorist acts of violent reprisals that have only continued to increase in frequency.

If we continue with current policies in place without implementing a more global effort using the United Nations instead of the US being the sole instrument of resolution to the ongoing threat of terrorism just encourages more terrorist activity where the instability of the world will only increase. Today, we have the capabilities to change especially right here in the United States. To make the world safe not only for democracy but for all governments to live in peaceful coexistence there must be a balance in every society that enables all to have the availability and capabilities to advance their own individual quality of life. A global resolution for all people everywhere to live free form want and free from fear.