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No romantic movies this weekend? Stay in!


Yes, it's true, no new romances come out this weekend. But never fear movie buffs! There are plenty of great picks you can rent at  Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. Let us embrace the couch potato in us all! So pop some popcorn and order a pizza, here are some great and diverse picks to satisfy your romantic movie cravings.

1. Unconditional Love.  This is the sweetest and most romatic movie that you have never seen! This is one of my all time underated favorites. The film stars Kathy Bates as a houswife who travels to London to attend a singer's funeral. When she arrives, she meets an interesting character from her beloved singer's life who ultimately changes hers.

This movie is full of lovely sentiment, hilarious situations, and yes, unconditional love. Oh,  it also has a delightful cameo by Julie Andrews.

2.  Amelie. For those of you who don't mind subtitles, i'd definitely check this out! "Amelie" tells the story of a young, introverted waitress. By happenstance, she gets to become a "do gooder." She carries on in the film with various tasks that help improve the lives of those around her. By doing this however, she is forced to come face to face with her own lonely existence. Now she must choose; Go on leading her old, introverted life, or give love an actual chance.

The film stars the incomprable Audrey Tautou as the title character. She plays the role with beauty and grace. Yes, the film is all in French but the subtitles are a breeze to follow and the cinematography is just yummy!

3. Duplicity. Those of you savvy for a sexy spy romance should check this one out. "Duplicity" stars the likes of Julia Roberts and Clive Owen- Two spies with a sizzly romance that plan a con-job against both their respective bosses. Owen and Roberts work great together! There is undeniable chemistry between the two. The best part about it is, it's also entirely humorous.

Before joining as an actual couple, the pair must deal with their many, many, issues with relationships. This prompts a lot of entertaining dialouge.(Which is very well written) "Duplicity" was sadly another underated film of last year. It had superb acting and exceptional writing. Not only does it deliver as a romance, it delivers as an action flick and comedy as well. 

4. The Truth About Charlie. This is a completely "out there" film. And one of my favorites. The film tells the story of the widow of Charles Lambert, Regina. Regina is played by Thandie Newton. Regina's husbands seems to of left her a great fortune. A fortune of which he stole from some very angry people. One might look at this movie as a tango. It shifts and jerks with fervor. But it does this so beautifully, one does not have the strength to look away.

The film is shot mainly in Paris so the backdrop in itself is romantic. The main character has different kinds of love stories with almost all the secondary characters. What makes this film unique and classic is the female lead. Who was described in the film to having true "gumption." A rare and endearing quality in a character.

5. I Love You Man. Yes, this is primarily a comedy. But what is the theme? Love! Yes, this movie is mainly a "bromance" but that's the beauty of it. Paul Rudd and Jason Segal deliver as two men who found a true friendship, and the love that comes along with it.

Though the premise is silly, and their declarations for each other are a little over the top, the movie delivers in it's message. Plus, the boys aren't the only relationship in the film. Along the way the main character and his girlfriend learn to love and accept each other as well.  I would pick this for the barrel of laughs and the delightful feeling one will receive after watching it.

Curl up with a blanket on the couch Lubbock! And save a few bucks by popping your own popcorn. Stay in and enjoy a movie on the small screen. (Otherwise known as your own.)


  • Cody 5 years ago

    I haven't seen the first four movies. Looks like ill have a busy weekend lol

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