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No romance for Daryl Dixon, but what about Norman Reedus?

According to various spoiler resources, it looks like lone wolf Daryl Dixon will still not be getting lucky in the romance department in the upcoming Season 5.

On The Walking Dead, actors Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney have become close while filming Season 4. Has their professional life overflowed into their personal life?
AMC official photo release
Who does Norman Reedus wish that Daryl Dixon would fall in love with?
AMC official photo release

Fans of The Walking Dead are divided over who they would rather see the dangerously handsome character hook up with – mature, motherly Carol or sweet, innocent Beth?

While at a roundtable interview at Comic Con International: San Diego, reported that star Norman Reedus and Executive Producer Greg Nicotero answered pointed questions about Dary’s love life.

Nicotero was the more philosophical of the two, stating “…it's interesting, I get to see all the cuts. I see all the edits from the director's cut onward and I loved the scene you did in the kitchen when the two of them are talking and I got the sense that Daryl was starting to fall in love with Beth a little bit."

Reedus preferred to be more blunt about his hopes for his character. "I'm hoping for a threesome with Melissa and Emily," the actor laughed.

In a different interview at Comic-Con , Zap2it spoke with executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, and she shared some teasers of what's in store this year. "Daryl's interesting because there are the people who want him to hook up with Carol, there are the people who want him to hook up with Beth, there are the people who never wanted him to hook up because he's got to save himself for them," Hurd says. "Regardless of what we do, I don't think we're ever going to make anyone happy."

So while it looks as though poor Daryl is going to continue his dry spell on the zombie series, the actor Norman Reedus appears to be spicing it up with his two favorite female costars. Which actress does Reedus prefer? It’s hard to tell. View the evidence below and leave your comments and opinions.

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