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No real leadership change if GOP takes over Michigan, Washington

     Once again the failure of the two-party system and the partisanship of the media and voters is rearing its ugly election-time head. Dems and Republicans, many of whom have held office for decades in Washington or Michigan or both, promise the moon and the stars to their sheep and will get elected because of the same partisan talking points.
     I am the only person who was attempting to get into office at any level who has set a complete budget already ($34 billion for Michigan with spending/tax cuts across the board) and who is sacrificing from the top down (eliminating my benefits and slashing the governor’s budget by over 70% and the legislature’s by over 50%). What has your candidate promised you?
     My point is simply this: it doesn’t matter what party is in charge because the state and federal budgets are increasing annually, just like the pensions and benefits and incomes of CEOs and politicians are increasing while the working class suffers. I am the only candidate with a plan to pay down our portion of the national debt by keeping our federal tax dollars in Michigan for our “best use.”
     What does your candidate-of-the-week really offer? Nothing but the tired old GOP and Democratic mantras and finger pointing. Too bad a working class person like me couldn’t get some media attention but when you are an Independent with real solutions, you get kept from the discussion.
     Tom Neuenfeldt is a write-in candidate for governor and can be found at  


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