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No Puzzle Pirates blockades for the weekend of July 25-26

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Bad news this weekend. Due to ongoing lag issues--caused not by the testing of the Kraken SMH, as some surmised when Ice got laggy, but rather by problems with their ISP, with whom the developers are actively working--all blockades for the weekend have been canceled.

(For some reason, the flag Fresh Tarts decided to post 14 blockades today after the cancelation announcement was made. At the time of this writing, 12:40 p.m. on Saturday, those blockades are all viewable on Emerald's Notice Board--that is, if you succeed at logging in and loading the Notice Board. Either those will get canceled, or a lot of island ownership is about to be determined by who's got higher risk and lag tolerance.)

Regular game play is borderline impossible as well. Your Examiner has attempted to walk around the Onyx archipelago (Meridian Ocean) gathering shop data for a possible trade run, but constant hanging up and timing out has discouraged that notion.

That link above goes to the announcement in the Puzzle Pirates "Hear Ye!" Forum. But given the nature of the problem, you can expect the Puzzle Pirates Forums to also be slow to respond. It's everything with the domain, folks. But Three Rings also gives updates on situations like these via Facebook and Twitter, so that a misbehaving ISP can't entirely cut-off communications.

And it's not all bad news. At least, it's bad news, but the news comes accompanied by cute pictures of pirate kittens and puppies. While you wait for normal service to resume, you are encouraged to join in the ongoing game of Caption This Photo. Meow-arr!