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No PS4 upgrade discount offered to existing PS3 owners of ‘The Last of Us'

The Last of Us
The Last of Us
Photo courtesy of Naughty Dog, used with permission

When Naughty Dog first revealed that they will be bringing a remastered version of The Last of Us to the Playstation 4, the developer shared their hopes to allow a digital discount of the new-gen edition to those who already owned the game on the Playstation 3. Unfortunately, it has now been announced that there will be no upgrade discount available for the game as was confirmed on Wednesday by the senior manager of the Playstation Blog, Sid Shuman.

After the HD remake of The Last of Us for the PS4 was first made available for pre-order, the price of the game has since been lowered to $49.99. This universal $10 price drop has now been confirmed to be the only discount that will be offered to fans wanting to pick up the post-apocalyptic title on the PS$ as the title will cost the same amount to both new and previous player.

Along with the reveal that there won’t be a digital upgrade discount, Shuman also announced that all of the title’s DLC will be cross-buy between both Playstation platforms that the game appears on. Since the PS4 remastered edition of The Last of Us will alreadly include all of the currently released add-ons, this announcement many seem unnecessary. However, it now appears that Naughty Dog plans to release more multiplayer DLC packs in the future. No additional single player, story-based content is expected.

The Last of Us Remastered Edition will bring the critically acclaimed game to the PS4 later this year. The new hardware will allow fans to experience the title with new HD textures and improved frame rates. The upcoming PS4 version of The Last of Us will natively support 60 frames but players will have the option to lock the rate to only 30 fps. With no plans to offer a discount to existing owners, it will be interesting to see how many gamers will purchase a remake of a title that released just one year ago.