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No 'Problem' for Adrien Broner collecting haters while marching to the bank

Flashy Adrien Broner collects haters while building his bank account in boxing
Flashy Adrien Broner collects haters while building his bank account in boxing


He may never acquire as many haters as Floyd Mayweather Jr. has but I'd say that 23 year old Adrien "The Problem" Broner is off a good start in that negative category.

It seems that fight fans have mixed emotions about the cocky as he wants to be Cincinnati Kid. Stealing Buddy Hackett's old line about Howard Cosell, the emotions are mixed because some boxing followes hate Broner like poison while the rest just hate him regular.

Yet and so, I scratch my head wondering why Broner is getting roasted in some quarters for his split decision victory over Popgun Paulie Malignaggi at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn Saurday night.

Judge Tom Schreck's two point verdict in Malignaggi's favor was absurd. Broner won this fight going away, eight rounds to four or, it might be argued, nine to three.

Malignaggi's pattycake punching surely did garner points but there was. as per usual, no oomph to his tapping blows.

Yes, many expected Broner to render an even more impressive showing as he climbed from lightweight to welterweight by knocking the Brooklyn boxer out. Miguel Cotto and Amir Khan stopped Malignaggi but Broner could not.

In fairness, neither Khan nor Cotto was jumping up from 135 pounds, past 140 and to 147 pounds like the precocious Ohioan did.

Loathe him if you must but Broner may be a dominant figure for a decade or more, No one can say he's the staying power and overall ring brilliance of Mayweather but only time will decide.

Broner brings razzle, dazzle and a mulitplicity of real skills to the ring.

The more boo birds chirp the more money Combover Boy will make.

Call Broner a viable villain, sure, but he's also fun to watch.

It could be worse. Fans could be apathetic about Broner.

Now that would really be "The Problem."




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