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No privacy for young adults on Obamacare parents’ health insurance plans?

Doctor and young adult patient
Doctor and young adult patient
Wikipedia Commons

Teenagers and young adults may have thought they were getting a free ride by Obamacare allowing them to remain on their parents health and medical insurance plans until they reach age 26.

Apparently no one told them that mama and papa may be able to learn more about their personal lives that they may have wanted to keep private. For example, being treated for a sexually transmitted disease or having ended a pregnancy or problems with substance abuse.

Communications called Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are sent to policy holders that include private information such as type of service, date and provider. One purpose of the EOBs is to help policy holder manage such items as deductible and out-of-pocket expenses.

Under Obamacare it has been reported that in 2013 there were an estimated 15 million 19 to 25 year old young adults on their parent’s plans. If there is no protection for confidentiality will this cause those who need health or medical care the most to forgo services such as mental and sexual health services?

According to Science Daily

…because they are dependent on their parents’ health insurance, they are not afforded the same confidentiality protection as if they had individual plans.

Although there is on going research, at this time no single strategy has been found to resolve what is being called a conflict between consumer protection and confidentially for young adults taking advantage of Onbamacare health and medical insurance coverage under their parents’ plans.

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