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No place in all the USA will be better than San Diego come Jan. 25th 2014

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Okay so you’re beginning to suffer withdrawals because there’s no big discounts on merchandise this far from Christmas. Well nuts to that I say! Here’s a bargain for you: Let me lay this out for you... The normal price to board a boat in San Diego and take it out to the sea and scout for migrating whales is $44.00 per adult and only $38.00 if you’re just a kid. Come this weekend (1/25/14) I can get you a deal where you’d save at least 33% on just such a day of fun in the San Diego sunshine...

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What would be better than just such a day on the bay besides winning the big lottery? Check it out: for activities and opportunities to book the reduced prices on your whale watching fun this weekend.

I’ve not been on board a whale watching excursion but they say it is fun. You Tube offers a peak at what it’s like to spy whales swimming about with their babies in tow But if that’s not up your alley, there will be plenty of freebies for the entire family come this weekend.

Check out what Sam Diego has to say about it: and what I say is if you’re not ready for a boat ride see what else will be happening on San Diego’s bay