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No Pants Subway Ride: Panties and underwear to be worn during commutes

A "No Pants Subway Ride" is being held in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and other major cities around the U.S. as well as other parts of the world Sunday, Jan. 12. It is an event that was started by Improve Everywhere On Jan. 11 UPI reported that this year's organizers announced the event on Facebook.

The No Pants Subway Ride has been happening annually since 2002. For the 2014 activity, organizers in Washington told those interested in participating to meet at the L'Enfant Plaza metro station near the National Mall at 2 p.m. It is urged to those making the choice to not wear pants and have on only a pair of panties or underwear, to act as if this is an everyday type of thing. People are encouraged to bring pants "because one of the rules is that if anyone in authority orders you to put your pants, on you are supposed to comply."

There are probably a huge number of people people eager to be part of the "No Pants Subway Ride" event. In fact, there will probably be more commuters than ever on the subways this Sunday, even if they sill wear pants.

What do you think of such a day?

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