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No Pants Subway Ride: New Yorkers dropping trou for 13th annual pantless ride

New York’s “No Pants Subway Ride” is today, so look out NYC commuters. Pantless wonders will be all over the city’s underground metro. Let’s just hope the majority of them opt for boxers.
Passengers without pants wait on a underground platform during the "No Pants Subway Ride" in Kiev this weekend.

The 13th annual public pantless ride is today, Sunday Jan. 12, reports New York’s PIX11 on Friday. The No Pants Subway Ride is organized by the performance art group Improv Everywhere, and what started as a prank has now rolled into an annual international fad.

Two rules for those who dare to show your bottom half: You have to be willing to “drop trou” (or at least leave them at home), and you have to keep a straight face about it. The first part takes some guts, but the latter takes some stoic resolve, knowing that strangers will be gawking at your pasty white New York thighs in the dead of winter.

According to the event’s website, dozens of cities are participating, from New York to Copenhagen, Madrid to Warsaw and everywhere in between.

That’s a lot of leg.

So given the typical stereotype of New York subway riders (sorry my fellow New Yorkers but I generally want to put more clothes on most of you, not take them off), could showing some extra skin on the subway increase a person's risk of catching an infectious disease?

That’s what LiveScience asked today. The answer? It depends.

"It depends what they do there on the subway without their pants on," said Dr. Aaron Glatt, an infectious diseases specialist and president of St. Joseph Hospital in Bethpage, N.Y. "If they're just sitting on the subway, then it's not a problem."

Umm what else would they doing? Check that – don’t want to know.

"It's really not that much different from wearing shorts," Glatt said. Except for the fact that most of us can deal with a pair of khaki cargos, but tightey-whiteys on the A Line?

Sorry, that’s where I draw the line.

If you participated, or saw someone who did, we'd love to hear about it. Leave your comments below.

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