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No, our Constitution is not built on the bible, but upon the Enlightenment

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There is a common misconception or myth that our secular and Enlightenment based Constitution is founded in anyway on the bible or the 10 Commandments. O.K., what are the first Commandments? Have no other gods, no graven images, not take the deity's name in vain and honor the sabbath.

If any of those commandments were enshrined into law, they would be a complete and total violation of the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of the First Amendment. The government and the Constitution cannot mandate any of those things, nor should it.

Israel and Judah in pre-modern times were theocracies. The king and his priests were all powerful and they supposedly spoke for a god. The Founding Fathers rested the authority of our nation on us, the people. Indeed, "We the People of the United States..", is the opening line of the Constitution. No mention of a god, religion, Christianity or the Christian bible.

Our authority does not rest in the least with any god, especially the god of the bible who did not believe in liberty, freedom, dissent, democracy or any of the values that the Constitution and the founders guaranteed to us. To not believe in the god of the Christian bible meant execution. To not follow certain rules, including working on the Sabbath, meant execution.

These aren't the values of the Constitution. Yes, historical revisionists who wish for our great nation to be more like a theocracy will try to confuse the two but it is clear that the Bible is not only not a foundation for our Constitution, it is the exact opposite.

To be fair, most of the Founders did believe in a deity. But those who did did not take the values of the Bible and transfer them to the Constitution. In the time of our nation's founding, the Enlightenment was a century old and all the founders were children of it. John Locke had a thousand times more influence on them then Matthew, Mark or John. Indeed, some of the more influential thinkers of the nation's founding such as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and especially Thomas Paine didn't even believe in doctrine of the bible.

So no, we as a nation and our Constitution aren't bible based, at all.

Groups such as Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and Freedom From Religion Foundation work to ensure keeping government neutral when it comes to religion. Give them some support, please.