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No One You Know Productions...but you will know them soon!

NOYK Productions Logo
NOYK Productions Logo

Good booking companies are hard to come by in this era as everyone is out for just their commission and most companies could care less about promotion, who are placed on the bill with, let alone how well your performance comes out the night of the show.


Well truth be told, there is always at least one diamond in the rough. Local booking and promotions company No One You Know (NOYK) Productions is that diamond. This company is not just some “booking company”; they care about the artists they book shows for. Recently at an Unofficial Pre-Bamboozle Show at Angels & Kings in NYC, Keith Morales (president/owner) of NOYK Productions was on top of what all the artists/bands, needed from sound production to overall support something you will rarely/never see anywhere else.

I caught up with Keith to learn more about his company, experience and his future plans for NOYK Productions.

Lisa Marie: Hey Keith, I am so happy you had some free time for this. I would love to start off by finding out what venues and locations does NOYK Productions book for?

Keith Morales: [Currently] We book shows at:

Angels and Kings-NYC (Pete Wentz Bar- 21+)
Bowery Electric- NYC (All Ages, 18+/21+)
Bruckner Bar and Grill- Bronx (All Ages)
Crash Mansion- NYC (All Ages) (Summer 2010)
Various venues in CT and Boston

From Right to Left: Keith Morales, Vinnie Caruana, Pete Wentz

LM: Wow, that’s pretty impressive! I am curious what bands have you booked and/or worked with when booking these venues?

KM: I've booked hundreds and thousands of bands so I'll mention some of the big names: Panic at the Disco, We the Kings, Cash Cash, John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday), Kenny Vasoli (The Starting Line), Anthony Raneri (Bayside), I am the Avalanche, Nightmare of You, Eye Alaska, Rookie of the Year, Friday Night Boys, Lights Resolve, Cartel, The Ready Set, This Providence, You, ME and Everyone We Know, The Summer Set, The Bigger Lights, The Gay Blades and [so many] more.

LM: That is a pretty kick ass roster! Your company seems like the big family type where you take an artist/band in, so I am wondering do you book just single shows for an artist/band or do you take an artist on and book future shows for them?

[Yea] I always try to make new contacts and re-book bands and help them any way possible. I believe in treating bands with respect and if they hustle, promote and believe in what they do, I will always rebook a band. We book a lot of bands that are running through tour from all over the world, even UK and Australia. Because I am good to them, they hit me back up the next year they are coming through and help spread the word about what I am trying to do and that I throw shows that people would like to go to and have a great time.

LM: That’s awesome to hear! Some many people out there could care less sometimes and it really is sad. I know my readers are mostly artists/bands and they would love to know how can bands hook up with you to hopefully get booking done by your company?

KM: Bands, literally everyday, hit me up and I contact different bands everyday as well. All bands know that we promote like crazy for our shows and we usually have awesome crowds attending. We are starting to launch our booking/management company, which I am really excited about that will bring so many more bands to NOYK Productions family. We have a few bands already on our roster and a ton of exciting new ones to add to the list, as well as big time plans for tours, sponsors and more starting this summer.

LM: That’s insane! You must pump for the summer to come with everything you have in the works. I see NOYK Productions is also starting to do promotions; can you explain more about that?

KM: I learned a lot about promotions when I was Promotions Specialist at SUNY Albany. I do the majority of my promotions on the Internet, through social medias like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogs and word of mouth. We are developing a strong following behind NOYK and this helps the promotion and publicity. The key is to present something that people know is constant, legit and a great product, in NOYK case bringing out some of the Top signed and unsigned bands from all over the world. Always keep it fresh and never stop looking for ways to improve and finding the next "big" thing. Being ahead of the game can make a huge difference in your pockets, because there are tons of other people trying to do the same things as you.

LM: I could not agree more with you! Well said! To take a quick break from talking about your company I would love to hear your thoughts on 5 bands that we should watch out for in 2010; this can be bands you have booked in the past, now or future; or just in general.

KM: We'll there's a ton of awesome bands coming out nowadays in all genre's but here are a few that have a ton of buzz right now and that we work with very closely.

1. Weatherstar
2. Travis Mccoy (Lead Singer of Gym Class Heroes)
3. My Arcadia
4. The Blue Pages
5. TV/TV
6. Bryce Larsen (Top 100 American Idol 2010 and singer of Stealing Jane)

I threw in a bonus pick (starts laughing), just in case Travis Mccoy doesn't really count but it's his first solo album and it's pretty awesome.

LM: (Starts laughing) It’s ok I understand and I will allow that pick because I agree 100% with you on that one! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. Before we part ways I would love for my readers to see what are some of the things we can expect from NOYK Productions this year?

KM: This year, we should be able to expect the official launch of NOYK Booking/Management Company with full roster of artists in all types of genres. We also will be announcing some big sponsorship’s with companies such as Substream Music Press, Jac Vanek, Bronx Vibe and more. We are working on our first east coast tour as well and will be booking extensively at Bowery Electric for both All Ages and 18+ shows.

NOYK has just [also] booked three dates of the upcoming Rookie of the Year tour, starting June 27th at the Bowery, 28th at Angels and Kings and July 1st in CT.
NOYK will be hosting tons of CD Release and show afterparties at Angels and Kings as well and starting to do shows in Boston and CT in June. We are also creating a full merch department with band inspired t-shirts, along with Jac Vanek bracelets designed by NOYK.

LM: Wow that is all very awesome and I am sure my readers will be looking forward to all of this; I know I will be!

Check out NOYK Productions at Facebook,MySpace and Twitter!


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