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"No, not again."

Colin Gordon, Ph.D., author, historian and author of Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality has written about racial segregation in St. Louis County. He says that the violence in Ferguson fits squarely within Ferguson’s long racial history. “In its history, the city and its white residents have used every public and private mechanism to segregate itself,” Gordon said. “For the most part, segregation can’t be upheld so explicitly anymore. But it remains in multiple forms, and I’d say that the divisions are intensified by denying their existence.”

Too many gun deaths have contributed to the destruction of America
Too many gun deaths have contributed to the destruction of America
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
when the children have to pay
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

This Examiner’s Observations

Sitting down watching the video of the St. Louis Police officers shoot and kill a knife wielding black man in the streets on Aug., 19, who asked for them to kill him, causes one to back pedal over the incidents in Ferguson that have kept the nation captive over the past few weeks; sitting a few moments to absorb the images in the video, while recounting in disbelief the number of bullets that one heard shot from the officer’s guns, and then trying to search for answers or reasons that will not come quick enough to reconcile a sane mind is so demoralizing.

The comments heard from the spectators who witnessed the crime culminated into one general consensus--”No, not again”.

Blacks kill one another. Police officers shoot and kill blacks. Vigilante neighborhood watch-patrols shoot blacks and ask questions later. Other American born individuals engage in rampage shootings that wipe out entire classrooms, disrupt college courses, and close down movie theaters.

Gun fire has silenced the careers of politicians and guns have killed black leaders and white presidents.

Right to bear arms

“The right to bear arms” is the mantra for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other Americans who feel like carrying an unconcealed weapon in Target, Wendy’s or any other public venue is a good thing.

The NRA has the Second Amendment engraved on its building in Washington.

Linda Stasi from the New York Daily News stated that “[If] it’s your child who is killed, maimed or destroyed for life. Then it’s not a single day, but a lifetime of unimaginable grief.

The killing and maiming of our children must be laid at the bloody feet of our cowardly elected officials who do the bidding of the NRA, which has distorted the concept of the right to bear arms into the right to kill kids with assault weapons.”

Bring your gun to dinner

TimfromLA says that the right to bear arms is going crazy…mostly white males, are carrying rifles everywhere… Because if they do not do this, they’ll lose their rights…No government official can take away your rights to have a firearm and since the Constitution does not say you are not allowed to carry in public, state rights allows people to carry in public. The disturbing trend… allow people to carry their firearms in their place of business.

Howard Schultz, who heads Starbucks, released an open letter stating in Sept. of 2013 that Starbucks "respectful request that customers no longer bring firearms into our stores or outdoor seating areas." In his letter Schultz said that "we do not want these events in our stores". The gun debate, he writes, has grown "increasingly uncivil, and, in some cases, even threatening... The presence of a weapon in our stores is unsettling and upsetting for many of our customers." Hence this respectful request. Not a ban...Just a simple request: please don't bring guns to our stores.

One outraged comment stated that Mr. Schultz is "anti-American" and "pro-socialist"; he is trampling on the constitution; he's going to lose business, etc. Another comment said that "It is my God Endowed Unalienable Individual Right, secured by Our Constitution, to take any firearm I please anywhere I please”.

On August 5 Missouri voters approved Amendment 5, setting the stage for the nullification of federal gun laws and affirming that "the right to keep and bear arms... shall not be questioned" in their state.

Put your guns down

Guns in the hands of anybody, everybody, or somebody can create the geneses for potential killers; whether under the auspices of the law or outside the bounds of local, state or federal jurisprudence.

The effects of racial segregation cannot be quelled by guns. Guns in the hands of militia or mentally disturbed individuals does not rally our law makers to halt gun violence in America.

Have we had enough? Not if, but when will there be another collective sigh of “No, not again”? Whether due to civil unrest, marginalized groups protesting, rampage shootings, vigilante justice, or black on black crime—when?

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