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No!No! Hair Pro 3: Is it a yes or a no no?

The no! no! Hair Pro 3.
The no! no! Hair Pro 3.
Courtesy of Radiancy

The no! no! Hair Pro 3 is a hair removal device that uses thermicon technology. A thermodynamic wire transmits heat that crystallizes hair follicles to remove hair and inhibit future growth. It’s not as messy and smelly as depilatories and easier than shaving and other hair removal methods, but does it really work?

The no! no! Hair Pro 3 comes with

  • Travel case
  • Charger
  • Buffer
  • 2 Thermicon Tips (wide tip for larger areas like the arms, legs and back and narrow tip for face, neck, underarms and bikini line)
  • no! no! Cleaning Brush
  • no! no! Smooth After Treatment Cream
  • User Manual
  • Quick Guide
  • CD User Guide

I originally sent out the no! no! Hair Pro 3 kit to a tester, an African American woman who had purchased an earlier no! no! model. That particular device had burned her face during use, so she was looking forward to trying out a more improved model that could safely be used on facial hairs, as well as darker skin. Still a bit leery due to that experience, she tested out the Hair Pro 3 on stomach hairs. She used the no! no! two times a week for four weeks. After using the no! no! eight times, some, but not all, of the hair was removed. At that point she was through with testing, disappointed that it took that long to see results.

I’ve been using the Hair Pro 3 for three weeks. The instructions state to use it 2 - 3 times a week for the first 4 – 6 weeks. It can take up to six weeks to see results. After 4 -6 weeks you should be able to reduce the treatments to once or twice a week and then as needed for maintenance. Apparently this varies with the user.

It’s a good idea to test it out on a small area like the leg or the arm to get used to how to get the device to glide properly. If you are going too slow or too fast, it will start jumping (this is actually a safety measure to keep you from harming your skin.) It also helps to go online and watch the how-to videos. After using the no! no! you’re also supposed to use the buffer on the treated area to help remove the crystallized hair and smooth the skin.

I used the no! no! Pro 3 on my underarms. The first week, I saw no noticeable difference. The second week I thought some of the hairs were starting to be removed. The third week, to speed up the process I decided to use it every day, two times a day. It is not recommended to go over an area more than four times, but four times just wasn’t enough, so I did as the instructions suggested and waited until later to go over the area again. So far the left armpit has less hair than the right since I'm right-handed and it’s really difficult to use the device because of the curve of the underarm area. There is still a noticeable amount of hair underneath both arms. This is OK because it’s winter, but if testing was being done during the summer I’d be annoyed. If you’re the type of person who wants the hair gone immediately, no! no! will disappoint you. Forget the no! no! commercial that has a man instantly removing hair. The commercial is totally misleading. It doesn’t work that fast.

This is not meant to be a solution for permanent hair removal. As stated above, the no! no! burns off the hair above the skin surface and then hair is supposed to grow back at a slower rate. My tester mentioned that when she used the device on her face, the no! no! did seem to slow the growth of hair and it also came back in finer.

Speaking of burning hair, I’ve read customer reviews about the awful smell. It doesn’t seem that bad to me—but then I haven't been using it on large areas like the legs. The smell doesn’t linger long enough to be a problem and if you smell burning hair at least you know it’s working.

Perhaps it is taking longer because I have it on the lowest level, but with sensitive African American skin, I’m not willing to go to a higher level—plus the company suggests using the lowest level on the face and sensitive areas.

If you don’t have a lot of body or facial hair, this is probably not the hair removal method for you. However if you have a lot of hair growth on your body and it grows back quickly and you have the patience to use it consistently, plus can afford the retail price of $290 (3 monthly payments of $96.65 plus $14.95 shipping and handling) this might be worth your while. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. You have to try it for at least 45 days before you can return it. If you’re dissatisfied, Radiancy refunds the purchase price, shipping and handling, as well as pays for the return of the no! no!

My tester said that she would not purchase the device because it is too time consuming and takes too long to show results to justify the price.

Since I have only used the no! no! for three weeks, I’m going to do further testing. Look for an updated review with a rating at the end of February.

For more information on the no! no! Hair Pro 3, visit and for usage tips visit

The no! no! Pro 3 was provided by the manufacturer for review.

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