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No need to Google, the best April Fools Day hoaxes in pictures

The infamous spaghetti harvest.
The infamous spaghetti harvest.

It's April Fool's Day, the only day of the year where practical jokes are not only tolerated, but encouraged! With origins going back the 1500s, there has been a lot of trickery going on over the centuries, some of which has been captured on camera.

There is no shortage of tricks associated with the trickiest day of the year. From practical jokes played on individuals by individuals to jokes perpetrated on large scale by the media, many people have been diligently at work chronicling, in some form or another, the April Fools madness through the years.

Below you will find some huge compilations of famous April Fools Day tricks, some of which have the accompanying photographs to go along with them, photos that made the fraud more believable at the time and more laughable as we take a look back.

The links are many, your time is probably short, so hurry up, enjoy, and keep your skepticism on high alert today!

For the some famous hoaxes:
Museum of Hoaxes
National Geographic
Gulf News
Altius Directory
Freaking News

Cleveland area hoax (at least in one case):
South Bay Bessie

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