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No need to be chicken when it comes to chicken

Packed with protein, this character is one your diet should definitely cast!

A roasted chicken breast weighing in at about four ounces and 223 calories, this healthy serving of chicken will harbor approximately 67% protein, 72 % niacin, 40 % selenium, 30% B6, and 30% phosphorus.

The protein found in chicken has been noted to prevent bone loss in the elderly. Niacin, also found in chicken, not only safeguards against Alzheimer’s Disease, but also protect genes from damage during the aging process.

Another important factor of chicken is its selenium content. A great defender against antioxidants, selenium has been known to reduce the risk of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), prevent cancer, support thyroid metabolism as well as immune function.

Chicken also stores a wealth of B vitamins all of which support energy production and immune functions. Along with niacin, B vitamins break down sugars ad starches in the human body which in turn, may help to burn fat and build muscle.

Calorie and cholesterol conscious eaters take note: Removing the skins from your chicken before cooking or eating will reduce your fat intake as most of the fat in chicken is in the skin.

Best options for eating this feathered foul: Broiled, baked or grilled as eating chicken fried will increase your sodium intake and do a really rotten number on your cholesterol. Be mindful to cook your poultry well and clean up after cooking so as to avoid intake and spread of the salmonella bacteria.

Hungry for a healthy bite of chicken? Here are a few great spots where you can pick your chicken bones!


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