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No need for an alarm, it’s Be Late for Something Day

Be Late for Something Day
Be Late for Something Day
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Everyone loves Fridays, and this one coming up is even more special. Friday, September 5, is Be Late for Something Day. That’s right, a little something than food holidays for once.

If being late is something you already do on a regular basis, then today is just like any other day for you – but with a twist. Today is a holiday, so no one should be mad at you! However, if you enjoy being on time or even early, you might find it a little difficult to participate.

Give it a shot though, think of it as a chance to take it easy and relax, even if it’s just for five minutes. By the way, parties don’t count today. Being “fashionably late” is not included in this holiday as it is already expected.

Be Late for Something Day might also come in handy to those of you who do not want to be late for anything. If you got all the red lights on your way to work, forgot something at home and had to turn around, blame it on Be Late for Something Day and act like you meant to be late.