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No more school holidays

school holidays, back to school
school holidays, back to school
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Returning to school is challenging for many students and parents. The week long holiday “made many students restless and disinterested in the academic world,” suggested a high school teacher. Teachers have to work twice as hard to keep students focused. Teachers are in redirect mode, trying repeatedly to regain students’ attention.

No work: At home students has lost their focus. The holidays placed them in an I-refuse-to-do-homework mode. Spending time with family, socializing with friends and enjoying Christmas gifts were the focal point for about a week so, it is not so easy to get back into academics.

A reaction: “It is what it is”, said an elementary school teacher as he expressed his frustration about the attitude of students after the long holiday. It was a struggle to get his students to the academic level he desired at the beginning of the school semester year. All of his hard work appears to be undone after the holiday break. Taking deep breathes he declared, “The holiday break is nice, but sometimes I wonder if it is worth it”.

Many teachers struggle with the holiday syndrome nevertheless they are determine to move forward. Assessments are coming up and the pressure to have their students test well is their motivating factor.