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No more pesky mosquito bites on my baby


When you live in Houston, mosquitoes are just part of summertime.  Well, one thing I've been struggling with is finding away to keep the mosquitoes away without getting nasty chemicals on my baby.  My two summer bug savers are:

1) Avon's Skin so soft Bug Guard Plus:  A bug repellant and sunscreen SPF 30 in one.  Only downfall is the lotion consistency but it goes on blue and dries clear so you can see if you've missed any spots.  Plus, it's sort of fun to pretend that the lotion makes your little one invisible when you put it on them so they actually think that you are playing a game versus the terrible task of fighting them to put on lotion. 

I literally dared a sneaky mosquito take was stalking my son on our walk to land on him but it wouldn't and boy was I happy about that.  Avon is currently running a special from normally $14 now it's $6.99

Get yours now!


2) Off! Clip On:  You've seen the commercials and like me you probably think it's all advertising.  But we had to try it and it worked!  When we go out for walks, I just clip it on the stroller, usually on the hood and take off.  It does a great job fending off mosquitoes of my baby and a pretty good job getting them away from me.  The only problem is that it gets a bit costly with refills but you can buy them at just about any grocery store or home improvement store.


  • selb 4 years ago

    my baby has dark mosquito can i get them to go away??what can i use..

  • Sara 4 years ago

    That's what usually happens to mine little guy when he does get bit. They usually will just fade away after several days or you can try some Aquaphor, it's great for almost every kind of skin abrasion!

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