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'No More Lies and Bruises' song pays tribute to lives lost to domestic violence

A rise in domestic violence deaths prompted the creation of the song "No More Lies and Bruises" that pays tribute to the victims in not only Greenwood County, SC where the movement started, but to every state across the country. The success of the song led to a bigger movement to raise awareness, with almost 2,000 people now showing their support on the "No More Lies and Bruises" Facebook page.

No More Lies and Bruises brings domestic violence issues to forefront
No More Lies & Bruises Facebook - Lisa Rogers Shoot Y'all Photography

Brent Saxon, chairperson for the group, states that of the 18 murders in Greenwood County in 2013, more than half of those were attributed to domestic violence. "No More Lies and Bruises" is a song that has inspired people to get involved and say, "enough" when it comes to lives lost and families that are torn apart in the face of domestic violence.

Dwayne Moore, who served as a Sheriff's deputy in the Greenwood area, knew first-hand how bad the domestic violence issue was in his community, but it wasn't until it spiraled out of control in late 2013 that he decided to put the words that represented the community's feelings of heartache and pain to music

After three deadly incidents related to domestic disputes left 10 people dead in a 16-day period between October and November 2013 in Greenwood, Saluda and Abbeville counties, Moore started writing the lyrics to the song in an attempt to bring the issue to light through music. He was joined by fellow songwriter Prevo Rodgers of 308 Productions and singer-songwriter Josh Owens to create what is now an important part of the group's movement to bring awareness to domestic violence.

"I thought I had even written it too real, then Emily Joy the mother of a 19 year old Emily-Anna Asbill, who was brutally murdered in June 2013 made me understand the importance of being real when she texted me a picture of her daughter’s tombstone."

The song, "No More Lies and Bruises" made its debut in March 2014 at the Sundance Gallery in Greenwood. The group's Facebook page, set up by Lisa Rodgers of Shoot Y'all Photography, documents the journey of "No More Lies and Bruises." The song and the social media efforts are just a small part of the project that the group hopes will continue to grow to keep domestic violence awareness in the forefront.

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