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No more for the poor- in Clayton, too

Under the George W. Bush administration, the rich were handed a $700 billion gift from taxpayers. The giftgiving was then extended under the Obama administration. All this took place because there was a perceived need. In short, those with means cried to those in power and they were heard. One could make an argument that our elected officials heard the voice of the wealthy because, ultimately, the regular guys would benefit. It would be an extremely weak argument though.

Contrast the attitude of those in power toward the needs of the wealthy with those of the poor. Clayton County's Commissioners voted last year 4-1 to terminate bus services in the county. Although poor residents have pleaded with the county to extend bus services, those in power did not hear them. Although poor people, trying to play by the rules, need the services to get to work, they were not heard. Any why not? On paper, the reason is a $1.3 million budget deficit.

Any observant person would see that $1.3 million is less than most counties spend on the most frivilous line items. So what was the real reason? The real reason is simply that poor people don't count in our society. It's the same reason that the Senate bends over backwards to reward tax cuts, welfare (subsidies if you like that term better) and billions in gifts to the wealthy but just freaked out over- and denied- $9.2 billion to extend unemployment benefits to people. Of course, these are the very same people who are out of work because of the irresponsibility of the wealthy and powerful. They got bailed out, the poor picked up the tab in every way imaginable.


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