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No more excuses

Take control of your life.
Take control of your life.
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It is time to take control of your life. To do so, you must give up your excuses. An excuse is a way for you to let go of any control you have over your life and to give it to someone or something else. To take back your life, let go of excuses and take the reigns for what happens in your life.
It is no longer about what happens to you. You have allowed your life to take the form it is currently in. Nothing happens to you; it is all your doing. If you argue that people treat you so badly and take advantage of you, it is actually a case where you allow such things to happen. And if you argue for such a situation, you are defending your desire to maintain your status as such in the world. The more you defend such titles, the more you will experience those situations. When someone comes up to you and starts to take advantage of your kindness, you have the option to submit to your envisioned role or to envision yourself a new role where that is not acceptable. When you hold the thoughts that you deserve more than how they are treating you, you will get what you expect. No one can take advantage of you without your permission, so do not give them permission!

Get what you expect; whether you expect to be taken advantage of or whether you expect a high regard of respect.

Create high expectations of yourself and the world. When something doesn’t work out as you expected, look for the learnings behind the situation so you know what to do differently next time a similar situation arises. And always celebrate at 90%. Aim high, and celebrate when you achieve within 10% of your goal. This allows you to be flexible with the waves of life.