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No more dunking in football:The NFL bans popular touchdown celebration

Jimmy Graham dunks the football over the goal post after scoring a touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on November 11, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Dunking the football over the goal post is a very popular touchdown celebration but the NFL says players can dunk no more. On March 25, ESPN reported that jumping up and slam dunking the football over the goal post will be added to the naughty list.

Is dunking the football an act of excessive celebration or the NFL earning their nickname "The No Fun" league?

Dunking the football after a touchdown is common among tight ends in the NFL. Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales are known for making the basketball play after they score a touchdown. After, they all played basketball too.

Dunking over the goal post is an athletic feat in itself and not all NFL players can do it. The goal post is 10 feet high just like an NBA basket. The football players who are sending the football over the goal post are basically making a basketball dunk-type jump with an extra 20 pounds of padding on them. It is a show of incredible strength to be able to dunk the ball with pads on immediately after scoring a touchdown with it.

The NFL contends though that they are just making rules to help protect players. In a statement released by the NFL, they say that dunking over the goal post may result in broken wrists from slamming up against the pole. They may also sustain injuries if they jump and don't land correctly or if they land on other players.

The real inspiration for the rule change is due to the positioning of the goal post. Jimmy Graham has hit the pole so hard now that twice he has moved the bar. Last year a game had to be delayed while crews re-leveled the goal post after a Jimmy Graham touchdown.

What do you think of the rule against dunking in the NFL? Are they really the "No Fun League" or are they just looking out for the players?

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